Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 5

Emersons first bath
Maxims first bath
Alexanders first bath
Austin at Chuck E Cheese (Our last hurra before the brothers come home)
Proud Grandpa with Emerson
Max looking just like his Daddy
Emerson sleeping like an angel
Alex, having a conversation with Mommy

Week 5

5lbs and approaching 6lbs quickly!!!!! That's right all boys are now over 5lbs. Emerson is 5lbs 8.5oz, Max is 5lbs 13.5oz and Alex is 5lbs 8.5oz. They are all off their canulas and oxygen and are breathing on their own. It's amazing to see their faces for the first time with no tape or tubes. We now know that Max is Davids "mini me", all he needs is eye glasses and a goatee! Alex looks just like my baby pictures and Emerson is a nice mix of us both! All three are eating so well and gaining like crazy! I personally think it's the breast feeding. All the babies are drinking mainly breast milk that I pump at different times of the day and bring to the hospital. All three are nursing twice a day. Emerson needs to be supplemented with a bottle(of breast milk) and the same with Max but Alexander eats like a champ and prefers to breast fed over anything. It's my favorite time a day. There is nothing like the one on one time I get when nursing my babies.

All three babies had their first bath on Friday night! (Thank you Nurse Lisa!)Emerson was wide awake and loving it. Max looked very serious and Alex slept for the most part. All seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing. They all smelled great...for about five minutes. What can you do...boys will be boys.

The boys have been cleared to be circumcised. Hopefully that will happen on Monday. This means they are healthy enough to have the procedure without any fear of complication. Most baby boys have it done within the first 24 hours, but our boys where not stable enough until now. We are actually glad that they will be having it done while they are in the hospital. This way they will have a chance to heal before coming home.

They will be having some final tests before they come home. They first have to be eating properly and consistently. They need to be spell free, no bradycardia or apnea. They need their circumcision and they need to pass the car seat challenge. No this is not a contest between newborns to see whose car seat is best! The car seat challenge just means that the boys will need to sit(strapped in), in their car seat for one hour. Hopefully they will not have any spells. They need to maintain their breathing and heart rate. We hope to do this sometime this week and hopefully there will be no major issues.

Austin is doing well. He enjoyed his first full week of school. He is wanting to stay home a little more and is missing his mom and dad so bad. It breaks our heart every time he has to leave with someone. But we now know there is an end in sight.

As far as the ultimate question...when are they coming home? We are not sure we are hoping that within the next two weeks. But at this point it would only be speculation. Hopefully we will know more by the end of the week. If everyone does well on their tests and they are spell free for several consecutive days, they will be home sooner than later. But, as of now...we just don't know! We will keep everyone posted. As we've said so many times before...because our babies are "preemies" they are extremely immune sepressed. So when they do come home we will be limiting the number of guests they will have. At least for the first few months. We need evryone to be patient and eventually everyone will get to see them. Until then we will continue to update this blog and post pictures.