Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weeks 9-12

Brotherly Love

Austin & Max
Alex Sleeping Baby
Emerson & Max

Titi & Em Aunt Ella & Alex
Grandma Linda & Max

Our Sons
Lil Ones

Alex & Max ready for bed
Alex "Angel Baby"

Baby Chorus Line
Pbbbbtttssss! Emerson Style

Happy Haloween
Austin Gladiator - Protector of Baby Brothers Everywhere!
Watchin' TV
Alex Post Op
Max Baba drunk
Alex too Cool
Babies Eating

Emerson Chilin

Weeks 9 through 12

Well, we have probably had our scariest week yet. First of all Max has decided to have some apnea spells, two of which required us to wake him up. He turned a dusky color and I had to stimulate him to breathe. We ended up in the Emergency Room at Children's just as a precautionary measure. They sent him home....Thank God, I don't know what I would have done had they kept him. Max has always had spells but never before did I have to stimulate him like that and it scared me. Personally I think it was the pushing see our little Max was trying to poop...and poop he did. Put it this way, Max put a grown man to shame. Because Max was premature, he forgets to breathe when pushing. Than his body forgets to reboot. He needs the stimulation to reboot...almost like a computer. So anyway, Max is fine now. He is home and all is well.

Than life got really scary....while opening Alexanders diaper I noticed a lump in his groin. When I say a lump....I mean this huge mass that looked like nothing I had ever seen before. I quickly realized my little man had a hernia....technically a inguinal hernia. You see when little boys testicles drop they come from their abdomen and drop into the sack through a hole in the top of their groin. Full term little boys have time for that hole to close. Because Alex was premature that hole didn't close and his intestines actually fell through the hole. I took him to the Doctors and they said it would need surgery but was not life threatening. As long as it didn't get worse he would be fine to wait a month or so until he could get a surgery date. got worse. My poor baby screamed in pain and his bulge grew hard and bigger. I took him to the Emergency Room at Children's and they immediately admitted him and scheduled the surgery for the next day. The good news is my little angel did wonderfully. He came through like a champ. We (Me & Alex) stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. The hardest of my life. To be away from my other sons was awful. But Alex needed his Mommy and I needed to be there for him. He is awesome now. He is having some digestion issues...we recently switched him to Soy Formula...YUK! And he seems to be doing much better. Thanks to my Dad who stayed with me quite a bit in the hospital and helped at home with the boys. Also to my Mom who stayed with David and helped with the other boys. TiTi and everyone else...Thanks so much.

Well, the boys have started their RSV shots. That's the Virus that is deadly to preemies. They get the vaccination once a month. They should be protected against the RSV Virus but I am still not taking them out anywhere and if your sick...stay away. We had a serious outbreak of the Croop. Poor Emerson and Austin. They had it the worst. Austin brings home everything from Preschool. We are trying to maintain their health the best we can so no sniffles or anything. You get my kids sick....I kick You butt!
They are all huge....Emerson is 9lbs 4oz, Alex 9lbs 6oz & Max 9lbs 6oz.....Big Bro Austin is weighing in at a healthy 40lbs on the dot.

Austin is doing amazing. Aside from the croop Austin is starting to be a big help with his brothers. He helps with babas and binkies and he tries to entertain them when their upset. He is a little attention deprived but he'll be fine.

OK so I have a serious pet peeve I need to discuss with everyone. First of all I think some people need to go back to school and take a biology or health class. I may even need to give some people a lesson on the birds and the bees. Creation is a beautiful thing. God gave woman the most beautiful gift. The gift of being able to create and carry another life. This happens when a man and woman have intercourse. OK...I realize you all know HOW life is created! So anyway, a woman produces an egg or in my case eggs and every egg is fertilized with a sperm. In our case....three eggs three sperm. MY CHILDREN ARE FRATERNAL TRIPLETS! If they where identical it would have been one egg, one sperm that split three ways creating three identical human beings. My children where three eggs three sperm meaning three completely different human beings. If one more person asks me if I can tell my own children apart I may rip their face off. My children are not identical. They are all boys...this is true but think about it do you and your siblings look identical? Can people tell you all apart? It is just like I had three separate pregnancies all at once. My boys are very handsome they all have different personalities, different shaped heads, different eye and hair color. They are not not ask me how I can tell my own children apart...come on think about it...isn't that the stupidest question ever! I'm not trying to offend anyone I just want people to understand I get asked the same stupid questions by everyone I see. Arrrggghhhh!

After I have probably just offended most all of you...I am in need of help. I am looking for people to help out with the boys. If you are in good health and want to come over and hug and love a baby give me a call. You all have our number!