Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 13

Emerson doubling as Uncle Fester from the Adams Family...He does have a neck! Somewhere.
Maxim doing his best Elvis inpersonation.
Emerson, Alexander & Max...Hey look at that!
Max Kissing Emersons Hand...Brotherly Love?Sometime!
Alexander, possibly taking a POOP!
Alexander being the cutest boy ever!

Week 13

Happy Birthday Babies!!!!

Our babies are officially 3 months old. The week was pretty uneventful. We had a family photo shoot which turned out to be pretty interesting. Austin was a wild man. He was practically standing on his head(as I look over at him now...he is standing on his head.) The babies seemed virtually unfazed by the whole thing . They pretty much slept during the whole thing. Emerson screamed during his individual picture, and Max wouldn't take the Binky out of his mouth long enough to take the picture. As soon as we get them back we will post them. I don't think any one smiled or looked interested in any way.

I took Alexander to Children's for a follow up to his surgery. Just as I suspected...everything went fine. No major drama. He healed beautifully. I almost passed out though when they weighed him and said 10lbs on the dot. How fast they grow. Everyday they are starting to look more like kids. The babyness ( not a word by the way) is fleeting fast. They are staying awake more often and interacting with everyone. The smiles are unbelievable. Your heart actually melts when they do it. They are recognizing the world around them more and more, It's amazing that they all do things around the same time. I noticed Max finally recognized the dog. The dog came walking up and sniffed him and he tried to bite her nose. He smiled and let out a huge excited scream. I was shocked and was the dog!!! Within a day or two all three of them had interacted with the dog. I was thinking "wow for the first time I saw them as triplets, not three individual baby's.

Well, the holidays are upon us. I am having both Christmas and Thanksgiving...Lord help me!!! I'm sure all will go well. I mean come on who can't shop, cook for 15 people, clean before and after, take care of three babies and the needs of a 4 year old all while entertaining? Maybe me? Not sure, letcha know in a couple of days.