Saturday, December 1, 2007

Week 14

Austin Destroying is playroom on Thanksgiving
The Best looking Turket Ever!
The Turkey Triplets

The Mama...I felt left out!

Daddy & His Boys...Pic from the photo shoot we had! Max is so mad!!!

Week 14

So Thanksgiving was wonderful. I cooked a meal that I think was a huge success. Everyone seemed to like it. We had around 15 people not including the kids. They where wonderful. They were held by everyone and loved all the attention. It was wonderful to see them with family. They are getting so big. All well over 10lbs. They are now in clothes size 3-6mos. I can't believe it. They grew out of all their newborn and 0-3 month clothes in just 1 month. They are super babies, I personally think it's the breast milk. They all have those huge cheeks. I bite them daily. OK so we hit some big milestones this week. Both Emerson and Max found their voices. Alex found his a while ago. He has been cooing and laughing for almost a month. But anyway, Max was sitting in his bouncy seat watching a Baby Einstein DVD and he laughed out loud scarring himself half to death. Than he began cooing and making gestures at the television. It was amazing to see his reaction to finding his voice. Than within 24 hours Emerson found his. He was sitting in his swing looking up at the mobile and started cooing. He seemed so proud. Now all of a sudden they are carrying on cooing conversations. It's so cute. They grow so fast.

I sit in my chair looking at them and just cry. I can't believe David and I made them. Less than a year ago I had no clue. I was selfishly living my quite existence contemplating going back to work when Austin went to Kindergarten. Man o Man was I about to get the shock of a lifetime. Within 1 month My Grandma died(I miss her so much it hurts), We bought our house and we found out we were pregnant. As this year comes to an end I can't help but reflect on what had to be the best and worst year of my entire life. I believe God brought these healthy happy babies into my life actually our lives as a replacement for all those lost this year. I have to believe that just to get through the day.I need to talk about my Grandmother for a moment. Lately I have missed her more than I did when she first died. I went call her the other day when the boys where cooing at each other. I thought "Grandma would love this. My heart ached when I realized she would never know them and they would never know her. Don't get me wrong, my Grandma was a pain sometime. But, I loved her so much. I can close my eyes and still hear her voice. And every time I look at my hands I see hers. I wish she would have held on to see them. But I know she is out of pain now and somewhere happy and healthy. I like to think she knows the babies exist, that she had a conversation with God and made it happen. I even think she helped create the three of them just as a last "I'll show her!" I MISS YOU GRANDMA! I wish all those that where lost this year where still here but if you had a choice between here and heaven...what would you choose?

Now for the next holiday. Christmas is coming. I got a good jump on shopping. I got up at 4am and went shopping on black Friday. I know it was crazy but hey I saved some bucks and when you have four kids every $$ counts. I hit Toys R'Us and Target. Thanks TiTi for helping David with the boys. I still have a ton more to do but I think I will do it online. Home delivery ROCKS! On Christmas day we will be having open house from 2pm on. If you wanna come over, we'll be here. We will not be taking the boys out because of RSV and other virus' that are dangerous for them. So, if you wanna see us, we'll be here and as long as your healthy, come on by!


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