Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 26

Emerson is soooooooooo happy Mommy's home!
Alex is unimpressed!
Grandpa & his boys
Max doing what he does best

Elle's 1st legal drink!
My beautiful sisters on the Vegas strip

Congrats! Dad & Robin

Week 26

Happy Birthday Babies! 6 months and counting! That's right my babies are a half of a year old. I can't believe it! It went so fast. Unfortunately we all have the flu! Not a huge deal, they are a little pukey, overly tired and just a little more miserable than usual. They had a great week with their Daddy and all the family that helped...Thanks Oma, Opa, Dad, Aunt Kathy and Grandma Linda! 5 days away from Mommy and they survived. I half wanted them to be miserable but they weren't. They had a genuinely great time. They where happy and smiley the whole time. According to my husband they didn't cry or fuss and everything was roses and sunshine. Except for when I came home. All three of them cried and fussed the whole day yesterday. I din't realize at the time that they where getting the flu. I just felt like they where acting up because I was home. They probably where a little bit. I know that they where held a lot more when I was gone than when I'm home. I try to give all 4 of my children equal amount of attention. Austin seems to get the least though because he doesn't need me as much as the babies. However, we have been working to spend more one on one time. But the babies get even time spread out between the three of them. I hold them to put them to sleep and varies times that I hold them to love them and smooch their cutie little faces. So of course when I was gone the babies got held constantly. And now they've been spoilefd and I have the responsability of getting them back into a routine. Now they have the flu...and so do I! ARRGGGHHH!
Vegas Baby! Las Vegas was a great time. My sisters and I loved the trip. I of course did not win any money but all in all it was a great time. I didn't actually gamble that much and I definately didn't drink alot but man o man did I eat. I blew my diet than some. The wedding was nice, there where a ton of people there, alot more than I thought. All of Robins (my Daddy's wife) family and friends where there, My cousins, Aunts and Uncle and Grandparents where all there. It was truly a Vegas expirience including when Elvis himself in a pink shiny jacket walked by us to use the restroom and said "Thank you, thank you very much" when we moved out of his way! There was even a drive thru wedding chapel at this place. We watched two couples go through, one where on motorcycles and the other in a convertable. It took all of 5 minutes and they where hitched. Man are these people gonna be pissed when they sober up! I wonder if there are drive through divorce courts in Vegas? I'll look the next time I'm there. It ws a good time though and my Dad and Robin seemed to have a good wedding week long extraviganza! My sister had a good birthday, we spent it shopping looking around and having her 1st legal drink at Tresure Island Casino. We than went to the Paris for a great dinner. I think she enjoyed herself I know that I did. The only thing that was a little disconcerning in Las Vegas is all the children. We saw an enormous amount of children out at all times of the night in smokey casinos. Little teeny babies. As a mother I wanted to take these parents and shake them. Don't they know the statistics on the damage of second hand smoke on infants. Some people are just incredibly ignorant and insensitive to the needs of their children. I think people should have to take a Parenting 101 before giving birth. Not that it would help. I think I'm done with Vegas for a while!