Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 48

Our little fishman
Max was so funny, he kept drinking the cool water with his hand.
Emerson was cracking himself up.
Alex thought the water was a little too cold for the 90 Degree day!

Week 48

All is well on the Stinner front. We all had a pretty bad summer cold this week but it didn't seem to deter us from our normal routine. The boys still slept through the night and despite some nasty runny noses, they where all in pretty good spirits. The weather has been extremely hot and rainy so it is hit or miss with outdoor activities. Austin is spending lots of time in the pool and is becoming a much better swimmer. I was a little worried about his swimming skills since it has been a year and a half since he took lessons. However we bought him a swim suit with floats built into it and this seems to give him the confidence to be a little more adventurous. Although he has never and will never be in the pool alone, it's good to know that the suit he wears doesn't allow him to go under the water. The pool is 52" deep, so you can understand my concerns. The babies have all been in the pool at some point. They have sat on our lounger with my sister Gabrielle and their Dad and all seem to enjoy the splashing. I haven't wanted to actually submerge them yet because of them being under the weather. I wouldn't want anyone to develop an ear ache on top of everything else.

This weekend was pretty fun filled. Austin went with my sisters to the beach and than off to my Mom's for a weekend where he is the center of attention. I was glad that he was able to get some time with kids his own age. He is very close with Adrianne's other nephew and niece and he has a friend he "hangs out" with next door to my mom. David, the triplets and myself went festival hoping! On Saturday we ventured out to the Italian Festival and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. The boys tried lots of new foods and seemed to enjoy the attention. We saw another mother of triplets and she had the most amazing wagon! We got the information and on Sunday evening sat down and ordered it. Hopefully it will be here by the time we go to the Erie County Fair. The boys love their Radio Flyer wagon, but unfortunately it only seat two. We had planned on buying a second one so we could fit all 4 of the "little" babies but than saw this one and had to have it! All 4 of the babies (including #5 for next year) will have their own "train car" with a seat belt and cup holder. All the cars attach to one another and we even purchased a 5th cargo carrier for all the kids diaper bags, coolers and other equipment. It's very exciting! Hey, I will have 5 kids soon! Any little thing that makes my life easier...I'm all for it! On Sunday we went to the Canal Festival. This was interesting since the weather was horrible. Two minutes after we left the house it began to rain! I don't mean a little sprinkle! I mean a full on monsoon! It was awful. It than slowed to a light drizzle so we pulled into a parking lot, paid for parking, pulled the stroller from the van and than started to get the babies out when, you got it, the storm kicked up again. David being the Tech savvy man that he is, got out his cell phone and watched the storm on the Internet and said it would pass shortly. Needless to say, I was skeptical but we waited it out. A half hour later all was well and we went to the festival will minimal interruptions. We of course had the onlookers and the pointers. Which by the way just infuriates me!!!! I truly hate it when people point! It's so rude. We met another woman who had triplets. They where 38 years old. The two girls, I should say woman, where with her and they had a great time playing with the babies while we talked with the woman who was so interesting. She had all the same experiences that we are having and she gave us hope that things get better when they get older! Not with the triplets themselves but with the stupid questions and onlookers. I guess it was nice to speak to someone who knows exactly how we feel. She was so positive! She just kept saying how God gave us these babies and we are so blessed. That's exactly how we feel and it was great to have someone else acknowledge that instead of always hearing the negative. Anyway, the boys again ate their way through the festival, hot dogs, German sausage, french fries, funnel cakes and salt potatoes. It was wonderful. I can't wait till the Fair!!!! Let the circus music begin, the Stinner Family is coming!

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