Monday, October 6, 2008


Max helped Mommy pick out Mums for the porch!
Max loves the fresh picked apples!
Emerson is one pumpkin tall!
WEEEEEEE! Daddy making Alex fly!
Emerson wanted that one!
Alex "What's that?"
Austin wanted this one, but....too heavy
Max thought this pumpkin was a ride.
Alex, showing how BIG this pumpkin was.

Max really loved this pony.
Austin found a good one!
My kids are so cute!
Look what I found!
Happy Family!
Mike and Kelly, so cute!
Tyler, the birthday boy!
Alex says "what's that?"
Emerson didn't get it.
Max was a little freaked out by the Llama.
Austin Chowing down.
How's your carrot? Mines great!
Daddy and his boys
I can't get enough of these eating pictures!
Poor Austin, so tired!
Mike with Maxim
Mike and Kelly with Alex.

Here we go again! Just when you think the last runny nose has been wiped. The last cough, coughed. The last fever contained...It's back! Emerson ended up with a terrible fever on Sunday and it scared me to death. This poor baby who just got over a terrible cold and there he sits on his dad, so lethargic and miserable. I was just heart broken. You just feel so helpless when your child is sick and no matter what you do, you just can't make him feel better. My poor baby! Than the rashes started. All 3 babies ended up with diaper rashes. All the moms out there know that when the antibiotics end, then the rashes begin. There is nothing worse than having your child scream in pain when you change his diaper. Thank God they are all getting better and the rashes are clearing up quickly. Hopefully this is the end of the sickness, for now. Last year my children qualified for the Synagize shots. This is a flu vaccination given to children who are immuno-suppressed or in my children's case premature. They got the shot once a month for 4 months and it helped. My babies didn't get any flu like symptoms at all. With Austin now in school it's so important for my children to continue to get these shots this winter flu season. Me and their doctors are lobbying hard to get these shots for them. It's a long drawn out process that includes approvals from the insurance companies and the makers of the drug, since it is extremely costly and only a certain number of children qualify each year. Anyway, this could be detrimental since my children's immune system is still considered premature. So keep us in your prayers that we get approved.

Just a random parenting moment...Austin came home from school on Tuesday, exhausted. He never does this! He went in his playroom and fell asleep. I go down to check on him and he is out like a light. He even got out his sleeping bag. I shut off the light and let him sleep for a while. After an hour or so I couldn't let him sleep any longer. So I got him up to eat dinner. He was still so exhausted that he fell asleep mid bite and was actually snoring at the kitchen table! I laughed so hard! Kindergarten is killer! I had no idea.

The weekend was wonderful. A perfect fall weekend. The weather was mild. Not hot, not cold. My kind of weather! Saturday we went to a friends house for her sons fist birthday party. I have to say it is wonderful to go to go to home that is completely baby proofed like at my own hose. I didn't have to worry about fingers in the light socket, staircases or getting into cupboards. I didn't have to freak out about nick knacks or glass tables. It was wonderful. I'm usually freaking out about every little thing they touch and I get so concerned now that they're walking that they will fall down stairs or smash someones expensive family heirloom. Thank God for friends with kids. Austin had a great time playing with kids his own age. He jumped on the trampoline and was playing the WII. He almost didn't want to leave. Only at school does he get to play with kids his own age. He's usually playing baby games with his brothers so this was a special treat.

Sunday was an adventure. We decided to take the kids to get Pumpkins at The Great Pumpkin Festival. It was a lot of fun. The boys loved looking at the animals, Alex called every animal a "kitty". He would look so sweetly and say "oh hi kitty". Or he would look and point and say "what's that?" He seemed impressed but confused. They really loved this little pony that came up to the gate and seemed just as interested to see them as they did to see him. It was actually funny to see this animal looking impressed that their where triplets. It was great. We than set the boys free to range amongst the hundreds of pumpkins. They seemed a little confused. At one point Max tried to bite one. They laughed and ran as fast as they could, running up to pumpkins and slapping them. They loved the whole experience and where glad to spend the day outdoors with us, their Grandma, her husband and Uncle Scoob! We all got large pumpkins and Mums for the porch, it was what October is all about. I know my children won't necessarily remember them running around slapping pumpkins but i will and this will be definitely one of those days I file in my memory and a wonderful fall day spent with my kids.