Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Posts in One

I found Max in the toy box...I'm not sure if he jumped in or was pushed...but he wouldn't get out!
Alex is having teething issues....Ahhhhhhh!
Austin was making his Christmas list with the Toys r'us ad!
I tried to get them to all sit together! Didn't happen! Max and Emerson are fascinated with my pregnant belly!
Emerson tried to bite the baby!
Maxim and his blankie!
Max is turning into a big ham. He smiles so big when the camera is around.
Emerson was watching the first snowfall and showing off his black eye.
Alex is "Mr. Serious" lately!

Two Posts in One!

Sorry this post is so late. As I'm sure you all know I am now over 8 months pregnant. This is proven to be a little more difficult than I had originally thought. In the beginning I had no issues. Aside from debilitating morning sickness! I believed what everyone had said...I am SUPERWOMAN! I can do it all. Take care of a demanding 5 year old...check! Join the PTA...check! Take care of three 1 year olds...check, check and check! Clean the house, do the laundry, make the beds, cook the meals, entertain and now host Thanksgiving and Christmas all while shopping for gifts ahead of time just in case I go into labor early...check, check, check, check, check, check, check and check! All while keeping up with the blog. Oh well, something had to give!

The boys are doing great. They have been discharged completely from physical therapy. It was so sad to see Carol go but I know she did her job and made my boys who they are today, completely age appropriate toddlers. I am so grateful to her for being so patient and kind with the boys. She will always be a special person in our lives! The weather has turned cold here in Buffalo. Big surprise right? Actually it held out a while and just two weeks ago we had a couple of 60-70 degree days. I love the dressing up in warm clothes, the hot chocolate, comfort meals and spending time as a family all nestled in the warm living room. I can't wait for Griffin to be born so he can be a part of those long winter evenings with us and his brothers.

We all have been spending allot of time in doors, getting ready for the holidays and baby boy#5! So much so I think Austin is getting a little stir crazy! I mean he gets out when he goes to school but every time a snowflake falls he asks to go outside and make a snowman. He insisted the other day that their was enough snow for him and his dad to have a snowball fight. Needless to say their wasn't and he was really angry!

I want to say a very special "Happy Birthday" to Judy "Sissy" Bryant. Sissy turned 70 years old this weekend and we took part in her big birthday surprise bash. We are so thrilled that the Saletta, Brent, Bryant families think of us as their family. We love them so much! We wish our Sissy many, many, many more!

Well, this week is thanksgiving. I am having 20 plus people at my house for the holiday! I know, I'm crazy but the thought of bringing my 4 young boys to someone elses house that isn't baby proofed just gives me way too much stress. I would never get to sit down, I would never get to eat and I would make myself, my husband and my host so stressed it wouldn't be worth it! I much prefer to cook the meal at my house where the kids are in their own environment and they can keep up on their sleep schedule! I really don't mind the cooking, in fact I enjoy it! I even delegated some of the food duties this year(I usually do it all myself!). I decided I could no longer take on the WHOLE meal. Everyone said they where happy to help! I know all will turn out well!