Friday, January 8, 2010

Austin's Stuffy Nose!

Austin's Stuffy Nose!

Do you know what it feels like to have a nasty stuffy nose? Austin sure does. This poor kid has had a stuffy nose for months. It seemed like the cold that would never go away, or so I thought. Yesterday I brought him to the ENT Specialist (Ear, Nose & Throat). This was the same doctor that performed a nasal cauterization on him when he was 2. He took one look up Austin's nose and said "this kid is all stuffed up". Well, no kidding! He whisked Austin off to what looked like a dentists chair. He turned on a huge light and proceeded to suck the crap out of Austin's nose. I know, I know...GROSS! Well, he had to do this in order to find the route of the stuffiness. Turns out, aside from having HUGE veins in his septum, Austin also has enlarged adenoids and tonsils. You know what this means...THEY'RE ALL COMING OUT! Instead of just having his veins cauterized again to stop the ever present bloody noses the doctor strongly suggested we remove the adenoids and tonsils as well. It seems these glands are pretty much useless after infancy. When your an infant you need adenoids and tonsils to collect all the bacteria that enters your body through your sinus' and work as a filter. When your older they are really rather useless. They tend to get inflamed when your sick and anyone with tonsillitis will tell you it is rather painful.

We noticed a few months ago that Austin's bloody noses where increasing again and a cold he had in early Fall just never seemed to go away. I'm glad we finaly found the source of the issue but am concerned for my boy who will be undergoing surgery this month. Maybe now he will be able to sleep without flopping all over his bed like a fish out of water! When I explained to Austin about the surgery he seemed concerned until I told him about all the ice cream, jell-o and pudding he will consuming during this period. Than he just asked..."do I get to choose the flavors?" and "can I request milk shakes?". My boy is tough and he will be strong! Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

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