Friday, February 19, 2010

My Protector, My Friend, My Grandpa

These picture are of Him in Korea(my favorite)Him and I at Christmas and a classic 70's picture of my Dear Grandpa

It is with deepest sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my Grandfather, Charles Abshagen. He was an amazing Grandfather. Strong and bold. If he loved you, he would protect you from the world. He taught me to cook. "Spice is your friend. Without Spice there is no taste". He told me that when I was 3. I never forgot! He was the grandpa that took me to school and held my hand when I was scared to go in. We grocery shopped and waited at the bus stop for Grandma, playing ISPY. He would tell me stories about life on the west side of Buffalo and how he was a hard ass. Fights where his specialty. He was scrappy. He wasn't afraid to tell me he was proud of me or that I was a doing something wrong. I loved his booming voice that would say "DAWNMARIE" whenever I walked in the room. Or how he would proclaim(at 2 in the morning after being "out"..."WANT SOME PIZZA". He loved me, unconditionally, and I him.

I know he read this blog to keep up on the boys. He was so proud. He told me I was a one woman baby making machine. He knew I always wanted to be a mom. I can't imagine a world without him. He commanded every room and I was privileged to be his granddaughter!

Losing both my grandfathers in 2 days is devastating. Although I know they where both sick and are out of pain now, for those of us left behind it is beyond words...even for me. Love the people in your life. Leave the difference of opinions behind you and look only to the future. You never know what tomorrow holds.

Good Night Grandpa, take a Gennesee for the road(maybe a Heineken), a shot of Goldshluger, a 20lb pizza with all the fixins' and $100 to buy some new jeans!

I love you and I will miss you ALWAYS!