Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Boys!

Happy 3rd Birthday Boys!

Well,here we are...THE 3 are 3. Well tomorrow they will be anyway. I think back on the last three years and I realize what an amazing life I have. I have 5 incredible little boys that call me, MOMMY! There was a point in my life when I thought that was one word I would never hear. Now my life is full of "Mommy!". "Mommy doin?", "Mommy, he bite me", "Mommy boo boo", "Mommy ca ca", "Mommy, luv u".It's a definite constant in my life and I love it. Every year I write or in this case blog my children a letter to let them know exactly how this moment is affecting all of us.

Dear Boys,

This year has been one filled with many ups and downs. We lost Granny and Grandpa Deitzman as well as Big Grampa(Abshagen). After they passed away I was at times very sad. You and your brothers where what brightened my days. Your smiles and silly words could make me crack up through the weakest tearful moments and I thank you for that.

Alexander, you where a talker from day 1. This year you started to talk and play like a real kid. You love playing with Austin. You can name every color and are quickly learning your ABC's. You have the best sense of humor. You make silly faces and weird voices. You command the attention from every single person in the room. Your songs are becoming legendary. You can take any tune and make up the most interesting lyrics. You always make sure to include mommy, daddy and all your brothers in the song too. You have an obsession with Airplanes. No matter where we are or what we are doing, if you hear an Airplane we have to stop and scream "AIRPLANE". You love to travel. Eating in restaurants is your favorite because you can flirt with ALL the girls. You've recently become infatuated with Spiderman. You run around saying "man peer" which is your translation. You can talk me under the table and you are the sweetest little man I know.

Emerson, my strong silent boy. You have very little to say at this point. We hear a lot of "Oh NO" and "Don't" for some reason you call me "Dora" instead of Mommy. I think it's just one of the many silly quirks that make you, you. We wait with bated breath every day to see what outfit you will come up with next. Everyday your ensable consists of a hat, shoes and sometimes gloves and maybe just maybe sunglasses, but only if your feeling sassy. You will mix it up with an array of hats and boots. All different sizes and colors. You love to build. You are so creative and intense when you are building with any blocks or Legos. You LOVE movies. You memorize lines to movies, all the hand gestures and you can squeal or scream at precisely the moment the character on the screen does. You swim like a fish. You love to be with your mommy. You somehow find your way in our bed every night. It's fine with me since you sleep nicely in the center or at the foot of our brand new King size bed. I know soon you will start gabbing away like your brothers, so for now...I am enjoying the silence.

Maxim, my angel baby. One moment you are the sweetest boy, helping me clean up, giving your brothers the toys they drop and playing so nice. The next moment you are trying to tackle the kid next to you and you are the biter king! You are a blankie baby. You need to have your blankie to be comfortable. You have to have your cars, buses or trains. Quite frankly any vehicle will do. Recently the fog has lifted and you have begun talking. You have the sweetest high pitched voice. You love to be in the kitchen with me. I think one day you may be a chef. You will try any food. If you don't like it, it comes right back out but hey at least you try it. You are the least shy of the bunch. You great everyone with the biggest smile. You sit and listen with so much intensity, you just can't wait to get involved in the conversation. You love to help in the garden. You giggle every time you pick a red tomato and proclaim "I DID IT!". You brighten my day with your smile.

Oh my little boys, the last year has come and gone so quickly. None of you are potty trained but you are trying. You still drink from bottles at nap time and I am in no hurry to get rid of them. I don't feel the need to send you to school yet. I just think I am not emotionally ready. You would all go in a heart beat. I have actually decided to home school you all for a year to prepare you for a year of Pre-K. Between that and speech therapy(for Max and Emerson)you should be well prepared in due time. What it all boils down to is we have decided to let you little boys for one more year before you grow wings and fly the nest. I love you all so much I can't put into words how happy you make me. Thank you for being the most entertaining and loving boys a mother could ask for.

I love you,