Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Austin

Look Who's 8!

Wow my BIG boy, my first son, Austin is 8. Where has the time gone? I'm not sure exactly. One minute he was babbling on the floor and the next he was talking back. Here is my birthday letter to him.

Dear Austin,
It seems like yesterday that we were on a big plane heading to a foreign land to meet our first son. We had know idea what was in store for us. We met this bright eyed intelligent little boy that completely WOWed us and we fell in love.

Fast forward 7 years. You are now the Lego King! I love your imagination and how you take notes on everything in your life. It makes me think that maybe you will love writing, just like me. I am proud that most of the time you are helpful with your brothers and although you struggle I know you are teaching them what's right from wrong. You are an amazing reader and are always ready for an impromptu dance party. You are a great son that brightens my day.

I know we fight and butt heads but know that I never stop loving you, ever...not even for a second. You have brought a joy to my life that I would have never known without the last 7 years. Thank you my son for all that you do. Always remember that I love you!

Your Mother