Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing up!

Growing up!

It's official, I have asked my children to STOP GROWING! It seems everytime I turn around someone is taller, smarter or mouthier then the day before. I'm not exactly sure when they turned from sweet little babies in to these loud, crazy, completely loud mouthed tiny men.

OK, so I DO know how it all happened...the live with me! I hear myself coming out of their mouths. Whether it's Alex's "You wittle boys need to stop wunning awound befo someone gets huuurt". Or Austin's "I have had JUST about ENOUGH of your attitude mister!". It just seemed to happen so FAST!

I can't deny that I laugh a little when I hear my words come out of their mouths. It is gratifying to know they listen to me. I wish they followed directions a little better instead of just regurgitating them back to their brothers.

Anyway, I have asked them to slow down on the growing and perhaps stay toddlers for another minute or two. They haver politely declined and instead have decided to join forces and mutiny!