Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let it snow!

The last time I checked I was a buffalonian! However the last 3 years have proven to be a less then stellar winter season. Last year we had such a poor winter season that our local ski resorts went out of business. My children have called me a liar when I speak of years gone by where we had to escape through the second floor because the snow was so deep. That all changed this week. For the first time in FOREVER it snowed...and snowed...and snowed! A whopping 12" of fluffy white happy sow! Yeah, I said HAPPY and SNOW in the same sentence! Since our first dusting I have thrown my bundled up children outside to play and play they have!

Tonight we went out and built our very first Snowman! The boys had a blast. We are naming him "Snowzilla". He is a happy, round little fella! VIVA Buffalo!!!!!