Monday, August 5, 2013


This summer has been action packed! It's been GO GO GO! We have attended festivals and fairs, beach days and tiny adventures. This is what summer is all about.

It's also been the summer of Education. Griffin is attending school full time and I arranged for the triplets to have a tutor. Education is important to both David and myself and we just felt this was the best idea for everyone.

So our days are action packed and we are constantly on the go but we are having the time of our lives!

Emerson asked if we could "Take a break and play some games.", so we flew kites in the park. It may not have been exactly what he was talking about but an adventure none the less! We have been in the pool almost everyday(until the last week or so)and it even got to be over 90 degrees...yup, bathwater! But we loved it! It's been a constant stream of those important to us and we feel blessed!

It was also the year of upgrades! New windows and siding for the house resulted in us opening the windows and finally not dodging falling shingles every time the wind blew. It's like living in a new house! We redid the living room and bought a new truck...I should have said "This was the year of DEBT!". No matter what, we feel renewed and rejuvenated.

So from our family to yours...Happy summer, get outside and enjoy the sun!!!! 4 months until Christmas!