Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 21

Too Cute...Nakey, Gettin' ready for bed! Max "Giggles" Stinner

Alexander "Fabio" Stinner

Emerson "Smart Guy" Stinner

Week 21

5 months & counting! That's right my babies are 5 months old. I can't believe the time went so fast. My babies are now starting to think about crawling and sitting and Max is trying to walk...ok...he stands with help and bounces around. It's all very amusing to me. They all have these awful screaming fits from 6pm-9pm nightly. It's almost as if they are colicky. I don't get it. I think they may be teething too....Before I know it they'll be in college.

They have the most amazing little personalities. I can totally see their individuality now. They are all completely different too. Emerson is the strong silent type. He has this amazing silent laugh that you think his head will explode before noise comes out. But if you bite his neck just right this cool belly laugh comes out. He loves music and this strange Canadian kids show called the Doodlebops. If they are on, don't think about getting in his way. He doesn't want to be looked at if he is drinking his bottle or pooping. If you do he grunts and cries. He's a private child. Max is so serious sometime. You can dance around like an idiot in front of him and he'll never crack a smile but if you grab his sides or tickle him he lets out this laugh that is so deep you'd think it came from a grown man. He stands straight up and gives you the most serious scowls, like he knows what your thinking...and your wrong! He knows all at 5 months. I am so screwed when it comes to him. Alexander, my angel baby AKA Giggles! If you even look at that kid, he cracks up. Don't even think about touching his neck or his sides, he'll laugh for 20 minutes. He coos and goos. I've never heard such a little baby with such an extensive vocabulary. He has the most unbelievable personality. I think he'll be a politician, he can woo and poop at the same time....like I said...a life in politics would be perfect.

It's a very sad time in my life right now. I had to stop breast feeding. I am so depressed about it. I would have done it for at least a year but I felt it was time to stop. It seemed to be non-nutritive for the boys, I definately couldn't keep up with the demand. But, I can feel good knowing I nursed 3 babies for 5 months. So now maybe I'll start a new hobby like, I made baby food for the first time today...Martha Stewart watch out. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Honestly, It took more time to make the sweet potatoes than it took for me to drive to Tops and pick it up. I would love to make all their food but I don't know if I could do it time wise. It does feel amazing to know that I am feeding them food that I made with my own hands, that there are no preservatives or additives. Nothing yucky. Maybe every now and than.