Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week 31 Happy 1st Easter Babies!

Happy Easter All!
Alex with the Easter animals
My Big boy got himself dressed...I'm so proud...and concerned!

Aunt Ella with Max

Week 31

Happy 1st Easter Babies!

It all happened so fast. It seems like yesterday that our babies where celebrating their first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, St. Patricks and now Easter. Like I said, it all happened so fast. We've had a crazy week of ups and downs. Everyone seems to be feeling OK however, teething is now becoming an issue. The boys are chewing on everything and their gums are all swollen and red. They are crying a lot more and their sleep schedules are all screwed up. My poor husband has been up and down for several nights now with Max and Alex. Emerson is my trooper. He sleeps between 10 and 12 hours nightly.

We took the boys out again on Friday. We are trying to do 1 outing a week to get the boys used to their car seats and the public in general. This time was a little different. I first took the boys to US itek(Davids business). They loved it. They where carried around by their cousins Renee and Amanda. All the employees paid attention to them and Uncle Ted even came over to say hi! We than abducted Daddy and went to Sam's Club. All was fine until it was time to check out. The boys where tired and hungry and started to fuss. People didn't seem to pay much attention to us there. Probably because I had two babies in one cart and David had 1 and Austin. Only a few people noticed we had three of them. Mostly the employees noticed. I think because everyone was Easter shopping and preoccupied. It was kind of nice to be almost invisible again.

Saturday afternoon I took Alex shopping. That was a trip in itself. We went to Burlington Coat Factory(quite shocked at their kids selection). We needed another walker and they had the style we where looking for. I do not recommend taking a baby with a car seat in the store since they probably only have around 20 carts and all seemed to be taken and the isles are not wide enough for their carts anyway or a stroller. Than we went to Target. That was a crazy experience. Their were people everywhere. We ran into a woman who was struggling with twins. I of course stopped and talked to her since I myself have had the experience with the huge car seats trying to fit them in the cart. We talked about all our kids for over 30 minutes. It was nice. Very few people can relate to my situation. Only other mothers of multiples can truly understand. It was a nice time out for me and Alex. We ended the day with a trip to IHOP for diner, where he was an angel!

In other Alex news...He has begun to flip himself over and scoot around. We are very proud of are little one since he was the one that was delayed in his movements more so than the other two. Now he seems to be overcoming his issues and it looks like he'll be crawling any minute. Now if Emerson would just follow his brothers. He is definitely more of a sitter than a crawler. Which actually may be better for all of us since now 2 are mobile!

Easter morning started with Austin jumping into bed with us at 7:00am wanting to find his Easter basket and the eggs that the Easter bunny hid throughout the house. He was so excited. He ran from room to room gathering all the eggs (hopefully next year will be nice enough outside to hide them). He found all 27 eggs that where filled with Peeps, Jelly Beans and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. He found his basket and the toys and books for the babies right away. We had planned to spend the day at my In-laws house and have dinner with them. We got all ready than Max fell asleep! Since he hadn't been sleeping I decided to stay back with the triplets until he was awake. Than Emerson fell asleep, than Alex. In the mean time Max wakes up and pukes all over himself. Than Emerson wakes up and finally Alex.....just in time...for Max to fall back to sleep. Needless to say, I never made it out of the house. Oh well, this is my life! I ate Easter dinner cold standing at my counter, holding a baby covered in puke. Happy Easter Everyone!