Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 32

Emerson...My Gerber Baby
Austin...I got your nose big bro
Alex playing
Bumper Babies
Max Playing
{{{{{{{SMOOOOOOOCH}}}}}}} Alex & Em...Brotherly love

Week 32

This was a wonderful week. The boys are beginning to turn into little mobile terrors. Both Max and Alex have begun to crawl. They can scoot themselves all around to get where they need to go or to grab a toy they want. Of course they all want the same toy and have actually begun to fight over the one toy the other one has. Most things we have three of, but they still fight over one. I'm sure this is just a vision of what is to come. Emerson is not crawling yet but we are sure he will be soon. I'm happy they didn't all start at once...can you imagine all of them going in different directions? They are all pretty mobile in their walkers. We put them in the hallway between the living room and dining room. There are hardwood floors in there and we have a rousing game of "bumper babies". I think they like being upright. The world must look so different from a "stand-up" position. They seem to interact more that way. They talk, coo and wave at each other. The other day we had a "Hiya" war. All three where screaming "Hiya, hiya, hiya" at each other. It was quite the site. All their little arms waving at each other. They still don't seem to like each other much. I'm sure it will come in time. I hope it will come in time. They are really into their toys now. They can press buttons and are learning "cause & effect". I'm really proud because this is an age appropriate action.

Austin is doing well. He is going through at "test" faze now. He tests everything we say and is constantly being told "no". I know all 5 year olds go through this so we are trying not to be too hard on him. He is doing much better in school though with his listening. And we are very happy about that. I try to keep him as occupied as possible at home but it's been a loooooooong winter and we are all a little sick of being in the house. I can't wait until Spring. We are looking into getting one of the mondo-super swing sets. You know the ones I mean. Those big wood three tier super sets with forts and rock walls and 4 swings. Oh my goodness they are expensive.

However if it will occupy my boys it's worth every penny.