Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Blog

Austin swinging...soon a new set!

Playing in their Pack N Play
Emerson looking at the clouds
Max playing

Alex was telling me a story...dadabababubba
Daddy with ice cream...I knew I loved him for a reason

They started out like this.....
....and ended up like this!
This smile just about sums up our day!

Random Blog
It's been a long time since I just posted a random blog for no particular reason. So I thought, what the heck. We had an amazing Spring day today (even though I have the worst cold). We where going to go to the Zoo but than I woke up feeling terrible. I couldn't bare the thought of fighting off all the obnoxious on-lookers and answering all the stupid question. So, I cancelled the trip and decided to stay home and rest with my children who have all been a little under the weather. The day started out as usual, babas, breakfast than baths and a nap. I tried my best to clean up but for once I didn't feel like doing the thorough job I usually do. After the boys naps I went outside to take the garbage out and couldn't believe how nice it was. I gathered the boys, set up the pack n play and we headed outside. Daddy brought us ice make us feel better. We lasted about an hour or so before returning inside for lunch and our afternoon 20 minute snooze. My boys all looked so cute, happy and refreshed so I felt compelled to take pictures. Hope you enjoy them...and these beautiful Spring Days!