Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week 36

We're starting a new sport...BABY WRESTLING!
Max playing with his toys, he's so proud!
Emerson giving "tickles" to Max
Emerson, flying through the air
Max is telling Mommy a story
Alex up to no good!
Austin and Sidney

Week 36
Emerson is what I like to refer to as "the strong silent type" However, on Friday my baby broke his silence. As many of you know none of my kids take a pacifier. None of them have a specific toy they carry around. They don't suck their thumbs or have a "blankie". They seem to be content to just BE. They are happy babies, playing with their toys and beginning to interact with one another. At least that's what I thought. About a month ago or more now, I let the boys watch Disney movies. We tried Cars, nope...didn't like it. Toy Story, not their cup of tea. The little Mermaid, too girly. Finally, Finding Nemo! Success! Emerson in particularly LOVED Nemo. He pretty much insists on watching it two to three times a day. I know, you are all scratching your heads trying to figure out how an 8 month old can insist on watching a movie. Well, my normally angelic child who doesn't complain or make much fuss over anything will scream and cry, throw toys and "nnnnnnnnnnnn" me until I turn it on. I've decided he probably likes the animation more than the message of Nemo. That's what I'm hoping since like most all of Disney movies, the mother dies in the first 2 minutes of the movie! Depressing! The colors are amazing and the movement they have created through their animation is remarkable. So assuming Emerson is liking it for those reasons I give in and let him watch...It's become a security blanket for him. When ever we go to someones house, I bring Nemo and it seems to calm him instantly. So it was no surprise to me when my little boy so lovingly looked at me, and instead of MAMA or DADA, out of his mouth comes....."BRUCE"! If you all remember Bruce is the shark that tries to eat Nemo's Dad! Thanks Nemo for keeping my child occupied and for stealing my thunder! I wonder will Emerson's second word be "Dory"? Only time will tell!

Maxim is such an amazing little guy. He started pulling himself up on all the furniture a couple of weeks ago. Now he proficiently pulls himself to the "stand" position on all his large toys and plays. Just like a real kid. This it self would be an amazing task. But, yesterday (Monday) Maxim Charles...my sick baby...or at least he was my sick baby...took two STEPS! He had pulled himself up on his Fisher Price Kitchen looked at me, let go and then...two big boy steps. He than fell flat on his face. I was in shock! I didn't know if I should clap, cry or pick him up. I of course picked him up since he was crying. I than clapped because I was so proud than I cried! Oh my goodness. He is only 8 1/2 months old and technically should be 6 1/2 months old. He shouldn't be walking yet. What am I going to do? Now all my kids are mobile since Alex is now finally crawling forward and crawling up on pillows and toys so it's a matter of time before he pulls himself up on the furniture. Emerson finally is starting to crawl. Hey better late than never. And Austin is a wild child. This summer should be amazing. Austin will be home with us all summer, Max and Alex should be walking and Emerson will be a crazy crawler. All I can say is Pray for Us! We're in for a CRAZY SUMMER!
On Sunday it was Davids birthday. We actually left the house! I had my mother and sister babysit all 4 boys. We had a lovely time going to dinner, coffee and shopping. When we came home all 4 boys where fed and ready for bed. It was nice. It was very relaxing, almost too relaxing! All I wanted to do was sleep. My mother and sister sprouted some new grey hairs but they did a great job. Thanks guys!