Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feeling Better

Max's first Oreo
Emerson's first Oreo
Alex's first Oreo
Dinner at the dining room table like big boys.
Enjoying their polish sausage and pirogi in their new high chairs!
Max LOVED the sausage.
Emerson said "Mo...Mo"
Alex had seconds and thirds.
Max praying the Bills have a winning season!
Alex walking like a champ.
Emerson looks like he was holding on, but he was mid step.
We tried to get the kids to sit for a picture, but they all rebelled!
Bradley and Austin, too busy to look at the camera.
Feeling Better

The last week has been challenging. The boys all had a terrible cold. Max ended up with an ear infection and was absolutely miserable. My poor boys. They are starting to feel better but we are still having "snot" issues. Their noses are running like faucets. And now have the raspy cough. David spent most of the week entertaining a friend from out of the country so it was just me, Austin and three sickly babies. In between runs to their pediatricians office we managed to have some fun.

We spent the week trying new foods and practicing walking. Emerson is still overly cautious about walking. He will only take 5 or 6 steps before he bends down and crawls the rest of the way. Once he gets over the fear he will be fine. Alex on the other hand has absolutely no fear. In the last few days he has just begun running everywhere. He looses his balance when he stops to praise himself. He will stop mid step and say "YAY!!!!" ...and clap and clap. The only bad part about them walking is that we will be discharged from physical therapy. This is such a shame. We love our therapist. She's amazing. I don't think my boys would be age appropriate or even advanced for their age in certain aspects if it wasn't for Carol! I think we made a forever friend in her!

So, my boys also spent the week trying new foods. They seemed so interested in everything I would eat so I began giving it to them. This week they had their first Oreo cookies. This was an interesting experience. They where actually moaning as they ate them. Trust me, the mess was worth the look on their little faces when they got to the cream. They also had polish sausage and pirogi. They loved it so much, Emerson kept saying "Mo...Mo"...baby for more. I was worried he would have a stomach ache after all that sausage but nope, nothing happened. Their teeth are coming in like crazy. They all have between 8 and 10 teeth. It seems like yesterday when I had three toothless babies crawling around gumming everything. Now I have to watch them because they bite everything and everyone. In fact Max bit the dog this week. You should have seen the look on her face! She handled it well, yipped a little bit than laid back down! Poor Sidney!

This weekend was a little hard for me. I wasn't feeling the greatest. Of course I ended up with their cold and I can't take anything because of the pregnancy. Oh well, almost done. We are entering the 7th month...only 13 more weeks to go! The count down to baby boy#5 begins!

On Sunday we all went to my Dad's house for my nephews 6th birthday. It was allot of fun to see my Dad and the rest of my family. I just love to see my grandparents holding and loving their great grandchildren. Austin had a blast playing with Bradley. They are only 7 months apart so they get along well until someone does something or says something the other one doesn't like. But in general they have a lot of fun together. Boys will be boys!