Monday, September 15, 2008

So Sick!

Do Alex and Emerson look sick? They where to busy playing and laughing to worry about being sick!
Austin was too sick to get dressed, but not to sick to play the WII.
Now my poor Max is really the sick one, look at that nose! AWWW!

So Sick!

UGGGHHH! My kids all have a cold. What a pain. The infamous Kindergarten curse! The second a child enters Kindergarten, they automatically get a cold. Pretty much everyone I talked to is
having the same issues. Runny/stuffy noses, lethargic kids with head and body aches with mild fevers. Since this is pretty much identical to what happened to Austin last year when he entered school, I thought to myself,"what causes this?". Is it one kids inability to tolerate another kids
germs? Is it unwashed toys from the previous year? A rare form of Kindergarten bacteria? It's hard to say. Why does it always happen within the first couple of weeks of school? I wish I had the answers. I may not have them but it seems everyone and their brother does have the answers. When you say to someone, "My kids have a cold", their is always the witty comebacks, home remedies and common sense comments that will inevitably follow! I decide to write down some of these to see what you think.

Classic and some not so classic cold remedies!

Of course the most famous...Chicken soup remedy (which by the way I make every time just in case it really is a miracle cure!)

Give them a warm bath before bed...Don't I do this anyway?

Plug in the humidifier...I do if they are stuffy

Rub them down with Vapor Rub... Check!

Lots of fluids...check

Take them outside

Don't take them outside

Let them sleep with the window open

Close all windows

Hold them upside down in a steamy shower....HUH?

Stand in front of the open freezer...I thought this was for the croup?

Keep them warm and dry ...I do that as a general rule

Feed a cold, starve a fever or is it starve a cold feed a fever

Take them to the Doctors right away

Let it run it's course

I'm sure some of these work and some don't. All I know is I practice common sense and within a few days my kids feel better. I know the Kindergarten cold is a right of passage and Austin will get over it quickly because he is resilient. The babies seem to be handling it so well. They are all playing and smiling, snotty noses and all.

Aside from the colds this week was spent sending Austin off on the school bus and keeping my new walkers from falling on their faces. Just a typical week in the Stinner household. What will next week bring? I'm sure some new and exciting adventure!
Just a little side note...My Aunt is finally home. I visited her on Sunday and she is looking so great. All in my family are going to keep a close eye on her the next few months to make sure she keeps on this path to recovery! Thanks for all the prayers!