Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas

"We're not up to anything, MOM!"
"Let's open this before she finds out."
Max pushed Emerson around the living room.
David and Max watching Wall-E
Alex chilling out watching the movie.
Emerson's Favorite Christmas Gift.
Alex finally got into opening
Emerson had it down pat!
Star Wars Lego Game for WII!
Alex was so excited abbout these cars.
Christmas morning!
Grandma got them these noisey toys!
Emerson was smothered by my sisters and he "hated" it!
I made a little bit of food for Christmas Eve!
Emerson ripped the hat off Max.
Alex was mid "HO HO HO" When Max ripped the hat off him!
Emerson tried to take ALL the decrations.
Our 1/2 decorated tree.
Emerson loved the Santa Hat!

Merry Christmas

Thank God it's over! This Christmas was a trying one. We hosted Christmas eve instead of Christmas day this year. It was a lot harder than I thought since Maxim decided to wake up at 4 am that morning with an awful stuffy nose and not go back to sleep until 7am when it was time for me to get up. I than had to prepare breakfast for Grandma Linda who had to work and wouldn't be able to join our party that evening. So needless to say I had zero time to rest at any point in the day. I was so exhausted I thought I would pass out. Than finally at 12:30am I get into bed and within 15 minutes, Maxim is up again and refuses to go back to sleep until almost 3am. At that point I was literally the walking dead. I passed out in my bed only to wake up at 5am with a stuffy nose and a headache. I laid in bed until 7am, got up, prepared the cameras, checked that Santa arranged everything all right and by 7:30am I woke up the kids. PHEW!!!!

The good thing was that I made it very clear to everyone that Christmas day was strictly for the kids. We just wanted to hang out with them, play with the new toys and eat left overs. I'm happy to say that's exactly what we did. They loved all their new toys. They spent the whole day watching their new movies...Bugs Life and Wall-E, and arranging and rearranging their new toys. At one point Austin disappeared into the basement with his new video game system and wasn't seen again for hours.I looked around the living and could barely see the floor. It was great!
Friday was a little stressful for me. I wanted to get the tree down because I was fearful the kids would somehow knock it down and get hurt. On top of that I wasn't feeling that great. I still had a bad cold...4 weeks later, and I started having contractions. Well, by 5pm I had contractions 20 minutes apart for almost two hours. In the middle of that some friends called and said our mutual friend was in town and wanted to come over on Saturday and see us. My contractions finally stopped and we made plans for Saturday. It was wonderful to see our friends Kyle and Gaby, who we only get to see once or twice a year since they live in Brooklyn. Also Mike and Kelly and our friends Lisa, Rich and their kids where here. This party was perfect though, we ordered pizza and hung out!
To all of you that we didn't get a chance to see this Holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We miss you all and love you more than you know! Especially my Shelley and Carter who live in Virginia! I miss you guys so much! I can't wait to see you in April! I guess that's why the holidays bum some people out. It is hard to be away from those you love during this time of year.

Only 5 more days until baby Griffin is born. Everything is on track for Monday. So this may be my last post for a while. Like I said before, I'm hoping once we get home I will be able to post, but that's really up to my kids. I'm sure they are going to miss me and not give me 5 minutes!