Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She's Baaaaaack!

She's Baaaaaack!

I'm back! Well, not really. I am still in the hospital. I will probably be here a while. My c-section was quite complicated and am recovering nicely on the maternity floor. It's a little bitter sweet since I am without my new baby boy. As David let you all know, when Griffin was born he was having some respiratory distress or difficult breathing. At first they thought it was just do to underdeveloped lungs but after an Xray they discovered that my beautiful baby boy has a Pnuemothorax. In layman's terms he had a collapsed lung. It was discovered that he also had a small hole that was not allowing the lung tissue to inflate properly. The incredible Neonatologists reacted quickly and placed a breathing tube in Griffins lungs and put a chest tube, through his tiny chest wall into the hole in his lung to relieve the pressure and to start the reinflation process. I am very happy to say that early this afternoon we where told that Griffin's lung was reinflating and that the Pnuemothorax was resolved! AMEN!

As a mother the hardest thing to do is sit back and watch your baby suffer. You keep them inside of you for 9 months praying that you deliver them healthy. When you don't, you feel like you should have done something different. I know that I did nothing to cause Griffin's illness. It's just something that happens. I mean come on...he weighed 8lbs 5.2 ounces! There is no reason for under developed lungs! Now Griffin is on the road to recovery and we are just so grateful to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I draw my strength to get through these tough times through all of you!

On a personal note I just want to make a statement about my wonderful husband! David has been so supportive during these last few days. He is here with me in the afternoon, talking to Dr's, supporting me while my hormones are raging and I am an emotional wreck all while running his business and taking care of our 4 big boys at home! He is the strongest man I have ever met. He just amazes me. David, thank you for being my rock! I would have curled under the bed and just died had I to do this alone! I love you! I also want to thank our incredible Nanny...Deb, my hero! My sisters, mom, mother-in-law and Aunt Debbie all for helping while I am recovering! Now that I feel like I just won an award, I guess I'll go see my beautiful baby boy! (who by the way does look so much like his Daddy, it's like I had no part of it at all!) Go figure!

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I love you too Bala!