Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 1

Griffin looking perfectly angelic!
Week 1
Well, I wish I could say, "we have begun our life as a family of seven", but I can't! I finally was released from the hospital on Saturday. But sadly Griffin is still in the NICU. I came home even though I have a terrible infection in my bladder, kidneys and my c-section wound. I was given antibiotics and sent home, again leaving behind my new baby boy. It's like reliving the hardest of my life over again. Normal woman come in the hospital, give birth and leave three days later...with their baby. Not me. The thought of leaving him behind while I go home is heartbreaking. Your natural instinct is to love and protect them with every fiber of your being. When you aren't by their side how can you do that? I know I had to leave the triplets for several weeks (5 and 6 weeks to be exact)but they at least had each other. Griffin is there all alone and that's really hard for me. I have all the faith in the world that the Dr's and nurses are taking excellent care of him, but I miss him terribly! I go up once a day and drop off milk and have begun breast feeding him, but it's not the same. Oh well, maybe their is another plan for me. Maybe I was meant to go home without out him to get the boys back in their routine before bringing him home.

Anyway, the boys all did great while I was in the hospital. My sisters, mom, mother in law, nanny and Aunt Debbie all helped out and did a tremendous job. They are all out of their routine but that just takes some time and they'll go back to normal. Austin was a little wild but he is already returning to his normal self. He's a little disappointed about not seeing his baby brother yet, but understands he's sick. Everyone was happy to see me. That made the transition home much easier. I can't wait to get all my boys together safe and sound, happy and healthy. Any time now!

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