Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break


Spring Break
This week Austin was on Spring break. This means it was a week of playing catch up. Dr.'s appointments where made, errands where completed and closets where cleaned. Austin started out the week with an appointment to get his glasses fixed. I'm not exactly sure what he does to them but it is a constant battle to keep his glasses fitting properly and scratch free. I decided while we where doing "eye care" day that I would pick Austin up a couple of extra pairs of glasses just in case he ever really broke them. Since the pair he has are special pediatric glasses that where outrageously expensive we took his prescription to a national chain and got him two new pairs for a very low price. He was so excited to pick them out himself. He got a pair of blue rimless and a cool Nickelodeon pair that are silver and orange. He tells me in the store that he will be the talk of Kindergarten now. "They are the coolest glasses ever, Mom!", "I can't wait to show my friends that I can wear different glasses with different clothes.". He's so fashion forward my son. I can't believe he was so excited, but he was!

David took off on Friday to give us a long weekend. The weather was beautiful so we decided to go to the Zoo and make a day of it. We walked around for a while when we noticed the triplets where actually starting to recognize that there where animals in the cages and enclosures. Alex growled at every animal he saw. They would all point and we could see their eyes light up when they recognised the animal. It was great. I can't wait until they really understand what's going on. After a while they got fussy so we stopped for lunch. I'm not sure if it's the wagon or us but it seemed people where walking by starring and pointing just like they would to the animals. Well, it was colder than we thought. We lasted about 2 hours before needing to leave. Griffin slept in his stroller all bundled up pretty much through the whole thing. On the way out the gate Emerson fell asleep. Poor baby, missed his nap!

It was very apparent that we need a new transportation solution for the boys if they're going to miss their nap. After much research David and I took the kids and went to Babies R' Us to try out double strollers. We figured with 4 little ones, 2 double strollers would work better than the triplet stroller (they no longer fit in because their legs are too long) and the single stroller. The wagon is great but to go on a long day trip, they need something they can rest in. I had a few in mind to look at with great ratings and reviews but when we put the kids in them we realized they where hard to turn. As we where leaving we spotted a double jogging stroller. We thought these where only reserved for stay at home moms who exercise for fun. However when we put two kids in and ran around the store we realized it was just what we where looking for. Of course they had none in stock but we successfully found them online and ordered them promptly. We can't wait until they arrive!

We spent the rest of the weekend outdoors. We played in the front yard and back. Played on the kids bikes and picked flowers. They even are showing interest in the swing set and slide. It's almost time to put all the toys back outside. We happened upon a beautiful public park in Eggertsville that reminded us we have to order the recycled tire material for the bottom of the swing set. Emerson ran up and down the huge play set and slid down the slide. They all loved the baby swings and Austin was swinging higher than he ever has before. Of course, Griffin slept. We stopped at Anderson's and had dinner (a car picnic, we like to call it). I put the DVD on in the car and they all get their dinner in their car seats. It's almost like a drive-in.

We also had David's family, Stephan and Hilda from Cambridge, Ontario come to visit. It was lovely to see them. They came once before and just loved our kids. Now when they are in town they come to see us. The boys adored them. They kept going up to Stephan to be held. And Hilda, being a great-grandmother herself, got on the floor and played. What a lovely couple they are. I know David would have loved to spend hours with Stephan updating the family tree but sadly they had to leave. Family is such a blessing, sometime!