Friday, May 22, 2009


Going, Going, Gone!

Yesterday Austin came home with a loose tooth. It's actually been loose for some time but today it was LOOSE! You know the kind of loose that a tooth gets when it's clinging to that last ligament. So he played with it and played with it. I kept offering to yank it out for him, but NO...he wanted to do it himself. Finally I convinced him to let me take a look and "see" how loose it really was. With that I reached in and yanked out his first tooth! It came out with no blood and no problems. He was so excited! He ran around in circles looking in every mirror he could find. I guess next time he won't be such a scardy cat when it comes to pulling out the tooth. Who knows he may just start yanking them all out!

He was so excited to put his tooth in his little star tooth holder he got when he was 2. He put it under his pillow and this morning was very surprised when the "Tooth Fairy" left him a one dollar bill and a coupon for dessert at school! The "Tooth Fairy" was apparently out of new toothbrushes...she better stock up for next time! He was so excited to go to school and show all his friends that he's growing up and loosing his teeth. I on the other hand am feeling a little sad. Sad that my first baby is growing up so quickly. I don't know where the time went. I'm hoping it slows down.