Friday, May 22, 2009

Oops he did it, AGAIN!

Boo Boo lip!
Boo Boo lip and two bandaged knees!

Oops he did it, AGAIN!
Now for this installment of the bumps and bruises of Maxim Stinner! Well my clumsy little man is at it again. On Wednesday I was cleaning up the kitchen while the triplets ran around and ate lunch(They no longer sit in their high chairs for lunch except when with Mrs. Debbie). When all of a sudden Max comes running around the corner, into the kitchen. By the time I turned to him he was tripping over the rug and flying face first into his little table. I immediately grabbed him to asses the damage. He bit almost completely through his lower lip. I called David at work to prepare him for another possible trip to the ER. The ironic thing is that last weeks finger drama was exactly one week to the day and almost to the minute! After monitoring the bleeding and cleaning up Max's mouth I discovered it wouldn't need stitches. Thank God! Can you imagine stitches in your mouth. He would have yanked them out for sure. After about an hour of calming him down I decided to take the boys out back for some fresh air. Big mistake! Within 5 minutes, Max ran down the sidewalk and tripped skinning both knee's! Ugghh! I think this kid is an accident waiting to happen. I know little boys are rough and tough but COME ON! My poor baby! Well, Max is doing much better. He hasn't skinned, broken or bruised anything in a day or so. However, he did wake up with one HECK of a cold! Oh God give me strength!!!!!!

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