Monday, June 1, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

Max on the chair.
This baby is so amazing!
I am in love!
Alex and Griffin
Emerson and Alex battling with pin wheels.

Boys will be boys!

Since I posted so late in the week last week I really have very little to report. The boys are still feeling under the weather. The runny noses have slowed down but the coughing persists. Alex seemed to get it the worst. He lays down and immediately starts coughing. I know how they feel. My sinus' are so bad this season. Maybe because it's 80 degrees than 40 than 80 and so on... The baby got over his cold quickly. He seems to be going through a growth spurt. I had to buy new diapers so I know he is definitely getting thicker. He is rolling all over the place and loves to be in his walker. He laughs at his big brothers so hard. They must be extremely funny to a baby of almost 5 months. He is kissing now and I just love that. You know that big opened mouth slobbering. My favorite. He is such a joyful happy baby. We are very lucky.
Well Maxim has decided he can no longer be contained. He has finally escaped from his crib. I thought we headed it off when we lowered it to the lowest position. Well, that lasted a month. Now he can flip himself right out. Yesterday I was changing the sheets on all the beds and when I turned around, Max was behind me. Considering when I left him he was in the living room I was a little confused. I put him back in the living room and he went up and over the fence. Oh Well, 22 months of them being contained. I guess I should feel lucky.
Emerson is a dare devil. He climbs on the back of the couch, than throws himself backwards on to the cushions. Sometime he ends up on the couch, sometimes on the floor. I catch him on the couch and on every table in the house. I have even had to rid the living room of all lamps because they tip them over and break the bulbs. We are screwed!
Austin is outside most of the day. This makes life a little easier. He will play on his swing set and ride his scooter. He likes to explore and look for bugs. What a typical boy. He is already starting to say he's bored though. Time to get him enrolled in something.
By the way, I contributed to an article in this Saturdays Buffalo News. It was about the Jon & Kate television program as well as the affects of multiples on a marriage. For those of you that didn't see it, check it out.