Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Garden

My husband clearing the land!
All done mulching and clearing.
All fenced in. Safe from animals and kids!
Side 1 Complete
Side 2 a work in progress.
All Done!
My Garden! I love the walkway. It was under all kinds of ground cover and dirt. It took me half a day to uncover it, but so worth it.

Our Garden
I'm so excited! My garden is now complete. My husband busted his hump last weekend clearing the yard, cultivating the ground and erecting a fence. It was my job this weekend to plant the garden. Well, I am happy to say after 5 hours of raking and digging, bug dodging and ant smashing I am officially done! The garden came out beautiful!
I did a ton of research on the Internet on what to plant and where. I made sure the tomatoes where separate from the peppers(they will contaminate the taste) and the pumpkins where separate from everything since they climb. I got garden stakes to hold up delicate plants, cages for tomatoes to grow tall and a trellis for the pumpkins(they will take over if you don't).
I planted them all in direct sunlight(or as direct as you can get in Buffalo!). I watered them thoroughly and gave them their first drink of miracle grow. If all goes well and I don't kill them we should have a feast of fresh veggies in 4-6 weeks! I have never felt so domestic!
So here's a rundown of what I planted:
26 Tomato's including Beefsteak, cherry and cluster
10 Zucchini
2 Eggplant
18 Green Pepper
5 Sweet Banana Pepper
6 Pumpkin
12 Cucumber including 2 Burpless
8 Squash including Butternut and Straightneck

I know it's quite an undertaking but I wanted to try. If half of these plants survive and bare fruit I will think our garden was a success! We'll see. I even went so far as to buy a St. Francis statue to keep the animal at bay. I don't really believe in that but I thought "what the heck, it can't hurt". We need all the divine intervention we can get.