Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Emerson needs help adjusting to his coolness!
Alex is too cool
Maxim crackin up at sesame street.
I love when Griffin falls asleep with his mouth open!
Griffin is bouncing up a storm!
Austin hanging from his swing set


I'm not usually one to admit to be tired, but this week has been exhausting. I spent the week catching up on appointments. I had a doctors appointment than a mammogram. In the midst of those to invasive appointments I also was preparing for a garage sale. I had to clear this house of the clutter that seemed to overtake every closet, storage space and dresser drawer. The attic, garage and every place in between where just stuffed full of kids stuff. so after a week of planning, organising and sorting I was finally ready on Saturday morning to reveal my gently used baby items (and household crap) to the masses. Well, much to our surprise there was a block sale on the next street and the sign was right at our corner. I would say that drew 90% of our crowd. I was thrilled. By the end of Saturday our inventory was cut in half and there was money in our pockets. I decided to be a little rebellious and stay out until the early evening (most garage sales end around 3pm) and I was glad I did. I got a steady stream of buyers until around 6pm but I was truly exhausted by that time and I missed my children. They where in and out all day but I had very little time to devote to them and just wanted to sit and play. But by the time I cleaned and reorganised, it was bath time and off to bed for them. I also decided to open back up on Sunday. The day started out light but by the end I was selling the boys old clothes for $10 a bag and $25 a diaper box. Let's just say my inventory dwindled down quickly. When all was said and done we made enough money to pay for the recycled mulch that goes under the swing set(my ultimate goal) and got rid of a ton of stuff making room for the stuff that is to come.

The boys where all sick this week still. They had serious sinus issues. Green nasty slime, coughing and trouble sleeping. Between taking care of the 5 of them and preparing for the garage sale I almost didn't notice that I too was feeling under the weather. Emerson seemed to get the sickest out of the boys. He has been down right miserable. Max seems to take it all in stride as well does Griffin. Alex had trouble sleeping and Austin was a trooper. I on the other hand was feeling really bad by Monday, probably because of all the dust from the attic and being outside during the weekend. When I say being outside I mean because it was literally snowing down on me from the cotton wood. WOW, I could feel my head throbbing and my eyes swelling. On Monday I ran my fingers through my hair and noticed a lump. I immediately called the doctor. I was of course fearing the worst. Well, it turns out I have a major sinus infection that spread to my lymph nodes. Very curable, THANK GOD! I am on my second day of antibiotics and am still not feeling better but I'm surviving.

Austin is almost done with school. I still have not planned all his summer activities. He is asking to have play dates with his friends and possible an end of year pool party. I'm not sure how I feel about all of that. Play dates I don't mind but 22 kids in the pool, makes me a little nervous. We'll have to see how it goes. We all need to get healthy and than we'll see. I am enrolling him in vacation bible school and that's the only definite so far.
My pansy's! So pretty!
My amazing blooming garden!

So let's talk about the garden! My amazing garden. It is so beautiful and BLOOM! I am so proud! My tomato plants actually have little tiny tomato buds on them. The squash leaves are huge and don't get me started on the pumpkins. I can't wait! St. Francis seems to be keeping the animals at bay. I haven't had any plants lost to furry thieves! After spending $5 on tomato's this week I am very excited to be able to make a salad from my garden soon! Oh yeah and my flowers...WOW! Usually they would be dead by now. Well, they are big and beautiful. I got so many comments on my landscaping at the sale. Maybe the farmer in me has finally come out, or maybe it's just beginners luck! We'll see!
I worked hard on my patio and it paid off! Look at my roses!!!!! My pansy's and impatients are beautiful! I know I am tooting my own horn but in general my gardening skills are pathetic!
After all that I still wonder...Why am I so exhausted?