Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My crew!Happy baby, eating his first biter cookie.
random peacock!
My baby, staring at me from the stroller...too cute!
Lunch...Stinner style!
This goat was viscious! Bahhhh!

Happy Father's Day
Father's day is always special to us. We (the boys and I) always go out of our way to make it a very special day for David. We have a tradition of spending the day at the Zoo. This year was no different. We got a later start than usual. We decided to give the boys a nap first. I have to say this must be the right combination because the boys where amazing. They where happy and involved. The all seemed to notice the animals. Alex of course said everything was a kitty. He meowed at absolutely everything. It was so cute. Emerson started to notice and it was almost like a light went on in his little head. It was amazing. Max laughed at the seagulls and at the little rat like creatures in the small animal house. He just cracked himself up. Austin had to explain every animal he saw to the boys. I'm not sure they understood but he enjoyed telling them. We had our annual picnic lunch and it was lovely as always. The seagulls kept close watch and I watched the kids. I could just see the newspaper headlines now..."Mother and Father of 5 attacked by killer seagulls at the Buffalo Zoo!". We saw a parrot walking around with his trainer. At one point he just stopped his little routine and stared at us. I bet he was thinking..."hey look, triplets!" All in all it was a great day. The boys where good and David seemed to enjoy himself!

Max and Emerson cleaning the new playset.
Alex was soaked.
All done!

When I get a thought in my head, I'm not satisfied until I find what I need or say what I think. My obsession of the week was to buy the boys a Little Tykes play set. You know the one with the slides and tubes. I obsessed about it. I didn't want to buy new...they are over $300. So I kept a close eye on craigslist and ebay. I had a couple of bites but way too expensive. I really didn't want to spend too much since we already have a large swing set. So I decided to garage sale. Well, Saturday was awful! It was pouring rain and humid. Everything was soaked but there where garage sales believe it or not! I drove around looking for signs and went to about 3 before driving by an amazing garage sale that had exactly what I had in mind. We spent Sunday scrubbing the set and letting the boys help. They where soaked but loved every minute of it. They where so excited when it was finally all up. I can't wait for them to get to the point where they can play with it on their own. We are hoping to get the recycled mulch laid down this weekend. It's all here but we are having a hard time finding barrier wall. Oh well, we'll think of something. Now for some rest! I'm exhausted!