Friday, July 10, 2009


The starting points. The border and weed guard.
Michael laying the weed guard.
Now for the mulch!
All the boys helping(blurry but it was so cute!)
Austin helping with the mulch.
Kelly, Mike and Emerson spreading mulch.
Almost done.


I've said it before and I will say it again...from the moment my children came into my life, be it from a small orphanage in Poland, an insane delivery with 20 people buzzing like a bees in beehive whisking three babies from my womb to places unknown or a sick full term baby ripped from my arms to awaiting doctors, I was was in love. Hooked. Addicted to my children. They instantly became the loves of my life. I made a decision at that point to do whatever it took to keep them safe. To protect like a mother bear protecting her cubs. Have you ever seen a bear protect her cubs? Ripping a would be predator to shreds for looking towards her precious babies. That's how I feel inside sometimes. I can't explain the intensity I feel when it comes to protecting my babies, all 5 of them. It's almost an anxious feeling. Knowing all the evil in the world, I feel this, almost painful need to protect my kids. My heart aches when I hear of someone mistreating a child, any child. But if it where to happen to one of mine...ewww, BEWARE! Even if my children fall and get hurt or scrape a knee, I ache for them. I want to take the pain away. Call me crazy, obsessive or whatever name you want. I call myself A MOTHER!

Like most parents we have baby proofed our home. Removed dangerous furniture, bolted shelves to the walls, safety locks on doors and cabinets, gates and fences. But we still can't protect them from the day to day events which will eventually lead to a scraped knee or stubbed toe.

Done but not cleaned up.

When it comes to our outside world, we have made provisions for are children to be safe. We had a privacy fence installed, locks on gates and protective gates in front of concrete stairs. So it was really a no brainer when we decided to put the recycled mulch(old tires ground up and dyed)down on the children's play area. The triplets are so curious now. Wanting desperately to be like Austin who whips up and down the rock wall and jumps down his slide. The little tykes play slides are tons of fun but it's the "no no" element of the large wooden swing set that makes the little boys curious. Up until now we have not let them play on the wooden set for fear they will fall and break their necks. But Thanks to our friends Michael and Kelly and some good old fashioned hard work and ingenuity the swing set and entire play area is now covered with 4000lbs of recycled tires. This makes for safer play and one happy mama!
Very late that night but all clean!
The next morning!

All this doesn't mean I will worry any less about the safety of my children. It really is a built in mechanism in a mothers brain that says "protect at any cost". I will continue to obsessively protect my children from the evils of this world. Just try and stop me!