Monday, June 29, 2009


Max and Alex try and figure out why the jeep isn't working.
First swim of the season!
Who gave the baby a cookie?
Alex "baptizing" Emerson in the water table!
Emerson swimming in the water table.
Max analyzing the water.
Alex digging in the dirt.
Emerson is a big boy...he ate 2 whole peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Hey, I was impressed!
Austin up to no good!


What a week. Austin finished school and is now home full time. He will be attending some summer activities but basically he will be home. Because he's home it's a little easier for me to take the boys out in the yard and even for walks. Yes, I take all 5 out by myself! I am super mom!

We spent every day this week outside. The weather was HOT. At some points close to 90 degrees. Not that I really minded since we opened the pool Memorial weekend. Up to this point was just to cold to go in. Well, not anymore. The pool is 78 degrees and the water is fine. Austin has been in several times and I am quite impressed with way he's swimming. He's not a pro yet(he still needs some floatation devise) but he's working on it. Of the boys only Max has been in. It's hard to take more than one in at a time. I am hoping for some more ridiculously warm days to allow it to heat up even more. Than we are all in! The boys pretty much just play in their water table. By play I mean stand or sit in. What a sight that is.

Austin is still in "school mode". He has devised a lunch plan that consists of three levels. A lunch, B lunch or C lunch. Every day he chooses what each lunch consists of and than he tells me what to make. I humor him of course but I really don't have time to be a short order cook. He is really into making lists and 'research" he has a notebook he carries around and takes research notes on things around the house. To read it it doesn't make much sense. But he knows exactly what it means. Whenever he starts getting under my feet I tell him to go do research, and he does. He went with my Dad to see the dinosaurs at HSBC arena on Saturday and he had a blast. I am so glad he has such loving grandparents who spend quality time with him.
The triplets are unbelievable. They are talking so good now. Alex can talk your ear off. He has some babbling but he is speaking several sentences. I love when I drop something he picks it up and says "here ooo go". Max is really starting to say a lot of words. "I did it" is his favorite phrase. It's great when I'm not in the room and I hear someone cry. Max says "I did it". I know who to blame! Emerson is starting slower than the other two. He does count though. "Un, two,wee" when he goes down the slide. I am not forcing them to talk. I have learned from raising Austin that we teach them to talk just to tell them to be quiet. I will let them go at their own pace.
Is this one beautiful baby or what?

Griffin is so smart. He is so incredible for 5 months. He loves to hang with his big brothers and has started to "play" with them. He smiles and laughs at how funny they are. He cracks up at Austin. I'm not sure why he's so funny, but he is! He is the king mimicker! He mimics everything I do. He will stick out his tongue, blow raspberries or blink when I do. This is unbelievable for such a little baby. I know I'm impartial but so what, he's my last baby and I am enjoying every minute!

All 5 boys playing dinosaurs.

Friday my mother watched all 5 kids by herself for the first time. I thought for sure we would find her tied up in the basement. But she handled it well. David and I attended my cousin Megan's wedding and enjoyed the time with just adults. Hopefully my kids didn't torture my mom too much and she'll be fine for the next time.
We ventured out to Kenmore Days this week. The carnival was interesting. We walked from our house which doesn't seem long but ended up being a 45 minute walk to and from. We needed the exercise but where exhausted by the time we got home. We basically stayed to eat and stock up on carnival junk food than headed home. I haven't let the boys see fireworks yet for fear of them freaking out. besides they are still on a schedule and staying up until after 10pm wouldn't work for any of us.

My garden is unbelievable. I am shocked at how big the plants are. All the rain and sunshine are making for a phenomenal harvest this year. Not bad for thinking I would kill it all in a short time! I can't wait for the first tomato and green pepper!