Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Boys!

The amazing Sesame Street Birthday CakeEmerson...
Us and the birthday boys...ok they where unwilling to sit!
Austin...hanging out!
A boy and his Nanny! Poor Max had a belly ache and Deb was the only one who could help! We LOVE her!
Emerson and his Uncle Mike
Tio Jose aka Elmo and Alexander
The #2 birthday cookies I made that disappeared so fast!
Papa and Griffin
Best Friends Austin and Zach!
I just loved this picture of Max.
Elmo and the boys...ok it got better
Owen, Griffin, Austin and Poocho with Elmo

Happy 2nd Birthday Boys!
I know it's been a while since I blogged but it has been a busy few weeks. Preparing for the triplets birthday was actually not bad this year. We owned all party accessories...tables, chairs, tents etc..So that was a no brainer. We had the meat(fried chicken and pizza's) catered, everyone brought salads and other goodies. I made homemade zucchini bread, cutout cookies and I ordered an amazing cake! The decorations where a mix of everything Sesame Street I could find and left over decorations from Austin's 2nd birthday. He thought it was so cool that I still had everything from his second birthday and I again saved it so I will have it for Griffin's! We purchased the commercial bounce house and man was that a God send! We hired a photographer and that was a huge load off my mind. So like I said it was pretty easy to execute. The day before my brother-in-law Jose and my sister Adrianne helped us set up tables and chairs. That morning I had my sister Gabrielle show up early and help me set up the rest and decorate. It was not stressful at all! I wish all my parties could go that smoothly.

The triplets woke up from their nap about an hour before everyone was supposed to show up. It was actually perfect timing since I was completely done setting up. I got them dressed in their new Sesame Street shirts. Emerson was Elmo, Alexander was Cookie Monster and Maxim was Oscar the Grouch. Now if you know my kids these three characters are perfectly suitable for my boys. I took them outside to show them their decorations and they where just blown away! They where so excited! They ran from one end of the yard to the other looking at all the cool Elmo and other Sesame character stuff. Alexander(the talker) ran around saying "Elmo... look Mommy ...Elmo, Cookie, Bee Bird...see it???????". Emerson climbed up onto a row of tables and ran back and forth grabbing the centerpieces, hats and noise makers. He had such a big smile on his face. Maxim was in shock. I don't think he knew what to think since his yard was transformed into Sesame Street. He just kept running to the next decoration and pointing.

It started out such a bad day for me. Like I said in my previous post my Grandmother passed away early in the morning the day of the party. To loose her that morning was almost surreal. The night before the party I was at the hospital with her and she said "the party will great, don't be sad for me". I knew she wanted the party to go on and for the boys to be happy. She didn't want us to be sad or to cry for her. It was hard but we did as she wanted. She was on our minds the whole day though.
David is a kid at heart!
Pinata fun!

What a blessing to have so many people in our lives that love our children. We had almost 90 people show up throughout the day. It's hard to even comprehend. All these people came to celebrate with us. The day was misty. It threatened to rain continuously but amazingly enough the heavy rain held off until only a few guests remained. Elmo showed up and made several appearances. The boys at first where leery but within minutes they where chasing Elmo all over the yard. Once Elmo went into the house , Maxim chased him screaming and crying while banging on the door. He wanted Elmo back so of course he did. The cake was beautiful. We ordered from a local bakery since our dear friend Jenn(who usually makes our cakes) had just had a baby. It was a wonderful cake with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch along with the boys names in the Sesame Street, street signs. We had a pinata and all the kids ran and played and ate. Aside from a small belly ache that sidelined Maxim for a while the day went off perfectly. Not even the rain could stop us. They all seemed to love the attention they went from person to person, eating, talking and playing. It seems as if they smiled all day long. Every time I looked around to do a head count they where with someone else. Everyone with big smiles. We ate our meal, than brought out the cake. The rain kicked up for a minute but it almost didn't matter. Everyone was content. No one went running or left. They all came to celebrate, so they did. We sang to the boys ate cake and partied some more. The kids did the pinata in an orderly fashion and everyone got candy and toys. We took a group photo with most of the people from the party. I could have never done that had I been taking the pictures. Some people had already left and others came after but we got most of the crew in the picture. I know we will look back at this party and see all the faces of those we love and that love us. Everyone that was important to us was there. However we did miss my Dad and Sue and Grandpa. We know it was a hard day for them so I just wanted to tell them that they where missed dearly.

Michael, Lisa, Dee and Steve
Willie and Barrond, we love them!
My cousin Molly and her girls Julie and Katie
Best friends, Aunt Kathy and Lena
My Godmother Pam, Aunt Debby and Mom
When the party was coming to a close, I looked around for the first time. I saw the remnants of a great party. Cups and plates with small bits of food leftover. Balloons still flying high in the air. Those few family members still hanging behind to clean up( Thank you so much Mom, Willie, Barrond, Renee and Grandma Linda). I realized for the first time that my life was complete. We have 5 of the most amazing children anyone could ever ask for, our family and friends are without a doubt the best on every level and God continues to bless us every single day. What more could any person want? We surely are a blessed family.

Most of the birthday Party! Thank you EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!