Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready, Set...GO!

Ready, Set...GO!

Well, we are all better...I'm sure it's just temporary so I'm not getting my hopes up. David is back from his training. Thank God! That was the longest week of my life. The boys didn't sleep. I didn't sleep. We where all sick as dogs and miserable. Now all seems to be calm. I'm hoping just to make it through the holidays without any relapses.

The baby is running around like a mad man. He is getting into everything. The triplets refuse to leave the gate closed so he pretty much has free run of the house. God help us if he discovers the stairs!

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. I put up the tree finally, only to plug it in and have SPARKS shoot out!. I immediately unplugged it and ran to tell David. Truth is, I wasn't that upset that the old tree finally gave out. I wanted a new slim line tree anyway. Let's just say WalMart saved the day. I quickly ran and bought a new tree just in the "NICK" of time!

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