Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Mild Summer Rant

A Mild Summer Rant

To say my life is busy is an understatement. Now that summer is here we are go go go. We have decided that we will no longer sit idle in our yard and let the world pass us by. We have had a wonderful HOT summer of Drive-in Movies, Swimming, Shopping, Play dates, Zoo trips and now starts the festival season going not to mention our very first trip to an amusement park is in our near future...FUN WOW!

We still get the normal comments like, "are they twins?", "are they triplets?", "are they QUADS?"...yes Griffin is that big! We still get those amazing statements I absolutely love like "You are so BLESSED", "They are so handsome." and "you must be so proud". Lot's of "God bless you" and "Boy, do you have your hands full". But recently on a walk in our very own neighborhood I got one that even I was taken back by. A woman emerged from her driveway as we passed and said "Oh you poor woman, my SYMPATHY'S"...WHAT?????? I quickly responded, "I don't need your sympathy."...I don't get it. Do people just have nothing nice to say? What happend to the days of the big family and big family values. Is having 5 children now like a death sentence? How flipping rude! I should have turned around and told her what an awful vile woman she was for implying my children where anything but a blessing.If she where to read this I would say "Oh nasty, hateful woman; how awful your life must be to not know the joys that come with having a large and loving family. Maybe your negativity stems from some awful tragedy or maybe you are just a disgusting negative woman who will live alone with no one to love. Either way, kiss my...".

Anyway on a somewhat lighter and funnier note, how does a mother, father and 5 kids get arrested while visiting Niagara Falls? WE KNOW! Well, we didn't actually get arrested but the implication was there. Over this past weekend we decided to enjoy this beautiful weather and take the kids to Niagara Falls. We weren't going for any particular reason but to get out of the house. We decided to take the double wide jogging strollers in case someone where to fall asleep. What we didn't realize is that the parking ramp near the falls had their elevators constructed LONG before these wide huge strollers where made. I tried to maneuver the stroller through the glass door to get to the elevator and couldn't get through no matter what I tried. We had no other choice but to walk down the exit ramp. We very cautiously strolled down the ramp only to come upon the glass booth and mechanical gate(a piece of wood)blocking the exit. David looked around and there was no other way for us to exit but to walk under the wooden arm gate to exit the ramp. He proceeded only to be met by a screaming booth attendant telling us we had to go back up the "out" ramp. By this time cars had appeared behind us, trying to exit. I said to the woman "we don't fit in the elevators and had no other choice." She said "I don't care, you can't exit this way". I said "Tough, try and stop me!". As I scrunched down under the gate she started screaming for the POLICE. A security guard started to approach us and I said "your really going to arrest us for walking under the gate?". He said "NO", waved us on and rolled his eyes as if to say the attendant took her job WAY to seriously. We looked back to see if the Niagara Falls police department was high tailing it down the street trying to find the rule breaking parents and 5 kids but nothing. We where safe and we got quite the chuckle out if it. Thinking only of the headlines in the Buffalo News..."Father, Mother and 5 kids arrested for walking under gate at Parking Ramp!". I know she was just doing her job but it was possibly one of the funniest situations we've gotten ourselves in yet! So is the plyte of large families I guess!

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