Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Honest appology!

I know, I know...worst BLOGGER EVER! I mean 2 whole months since the last time I blogged. There is no excuses. OK, in my deffense I have 5 children, 4 that are in school and one that receives services in the home. I go go go and never seem to stop. I have done everything in my power to take 5 minutes to myself but that is usually at 1 am stunned and exhausted beyond recognition. I literally fall on the couch and watch mindless television clipping coupons. Yes, I am a coupon clipper. Not at all like those obcessive woman on tv that buy 2000 tubes of toothpaste just because they get it for free. I am the buyer of bargains and the spreader of coupon joy! I do have a tiny stockpile that will sustain my family for a few weeks if tragedy ever struck but basically I coupon as a hobby. I LOVE TO GET A BARGAIN! So between my 5 kids, PTA, houswork, kid snuggling, love of reality tv, the internet and coupons I have NO time for blogging. I swear I will try harder...I PROMISE!