Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Most people know that I have a vocational degree in Photography. After the boys were born we took them to several photographers. The pictures were washed out and the children never cooperated. It was a stressful event for everyone involved. So I decided I had had ENOUGH! For years now I have taken to placing myself behind the lens again. i purchased a white background, lights and advanced lenses. The first 2 photo shoots went great. The boys LOVED being in front of the camera. They all cooperated well. Even though I was unable to get a group shot, I could always get great pictures of each individual. That was...until now! This was to be the boys Christmas Card photo shoot...it turned into something completely different! I decided to put these up here UNEDITED! I did this so everyone can see exactly how hard it is to get nice pictures of 5 STRONG WILLED children!
...There is about 1000 more just like this but you get the point...UGH!