Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, I know it's been months since I posted and for that I apologize. Our life has been insane! In February Griffin started an intensive school program. This meant 6 hours a day of schooling and therapy. Early intervention has proven to be an amazing asset when giving autistic children advantages. So it's what's best for our little man! Let me tell you, he is kicking butt! He has started really talking and even singing! He knows how to count to 20 and all his ABC's. He can sing several songs and now says "I want iPod" and "I love you". It is an amazing feat! I'm so proud.

The triplets have graduated from preschool and are starting kindergarten in the fall. They are all so smart. Emerson still struggles academically but he is in some summer programs that are really helping. Alex is the social king. He loves everyone and is always everyone's best friend! Maxim is my little genius. He counts infinitely and even has begun to read. He can figure out electronics like no other 4 year old can. Truly a smart guy!

Austin finished the 3rd grade and with help from tutoring finished with awesome grades in math. He is excited to hang out this summer and swim!

As for this crazy busy mom, well I went back to work. Its only part time but I think I needed it mentally and emotionally. I am selling electronic medical records software through US itek. I love working with my hubby again but I have a little working moms I am working a ton with our PTA and even got elected as the 2nd Vice President of our PTSA council board. The guilt fades a bit when I realize it's all for my 5 amazing kids!

David is doing fantastic. He has been recognized in Business First as the #13 WNY fatest growing companies! He has been recognized as one of the top men in technology and had an article written about the new building we purchase and the business expansion! Life is good!Busy but really good!

The good news is...I posted this whole blog from my iPhone! Now I'm mobile! Yay!