Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 in Review

2012 in Review

Well, I am the world's worst blogger! I haven't posted since June. In my defense all 5 kids started school and my life became unrecognizable. I am now "Mom's Taxi Service". I bust my butt running from day to day from one area in WNY to another. By the time we get home, well...I'm sure you can imagine. It is a a blur of homework, extra curricular activities and school events. Our days and night have become one in the same. The boys are growing up so fast.

The triplets are in KINDERGARTEN! I'm not exactly sure when my babies grew into young men. They are such characters. They love school and look forward to going everyday. It's such a long day though. When I arrive at their school to pick them up, I'm usually met with tears and breakdowns. It has gotten better but it can still be a struggle. Emerson is showing much inprovement. He is working with a special education teacher, speech pathologist and a personal aid to get him through the day. He's like a new kid. I think he may end up being a musician of some kid. He loves to sing and dance up a storm. He makes me laugh every single day with the silly things he says. Alexander is "The Charmer". He is Mr. Social. He makes friends really easy and is always hugging his friends and teachers. He is such a sweetheart. Maxim is my genius. He can do fractions in his head and is already beginnig to read by himslf. He's quiet but outgoing. they are all doing amazing and I am one proud momma!

Griffin is an incrdible child. He is learning so much in school. He is talking more and more. The most amazing thing about Grif is his musical ability. He loves to memorize arias and hum along. He is almost 4 yars old. I almost can't belive my baby is growing up.

Austin is the king! Or at least he thinks he is. He is doing really well in school and plans on playing Lacrosse or basketball this winter. He is growing everyday. Any minute he will be taller than me! (Not that that is saying much). He finally got his braces off and boy does he look like a little man.

2012 has come and gone so quick! I am making a resolution to blog more in 2013! We have so many exciting things happening next year! Well, it's christmas and I am exhausted. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!