Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SO January was HELL on earth! The plague hit this family like a ton of bricks. In the last 5 weeks there has only been 12 days where the entire family was healthy. There has been only 6 days that every child attended school! Most days I have one or two home with me with some exotic form of nastiness oozing from someplace revolting. There are days that I thought I was good...All children waiving happily as they hopped up on the bus, only to recieve a call a few hours later that... "(Austin, Max, Em, Grif or Alex)are in the nurses office with a nasty case of the (Flu, squirts, snot, puke, hives, gags, farts, green ooze, red cheeks, meanies).

I wish I knew what the problem is...bad immune systems, victims of a terrible hoax...growing, nutrician? What ever it is...I am willing to do what ever it takes. As I type this I have 4...YES 4 children home sick. Grif has a rash and ear infections and the triplets have upper resperatory infections and SNOT! I feel pretty helpless. I can't get a damn thing done and I myself keep getting sick. I am seriously thinking about opening every window in this house and airing it out. It's 34 degrees outside, so if i dress them like Eskimos it should be OK...

...To be continued!