Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week 16-18

Max and the Sweet Potato War...He Won!
Emerson wasn't so lucky!
The War exhausted Alexander

Weeks 16-18

Wow, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks I don't even know where to start. Well, how about from the beginning. The babies first Christmas was amazing. We had a blast. They of course where clueless about the whole thing. They just smiled and cooed while we opened gifts and as people arrived on Christmas day they just seemed to enjoy all the attention. They got tons of toys and clothes and it was all very surreal. At one point I walked into the living room and it looked like a toy store had taken over. There was not one square inch of carpet showing.

The couple of weeks leading up to Christmas where spent shopping( that was interesting). I had at least one kid with me at all times. It was usually Max since he is going through a I WANT MY MOMMY phase. I don't mind except when I am alone with the kids he shows serious signs of jealousy when I pick up or feed another baby. He will scream and cry and throw whatever toy he has in his hands on the floor. If this is any sign of what there is to come....I AM SCREWED! Oh well, everyday is a learning experience. All in all it was not bad taking out one baby at a time. Most people think he is a newborn which is rather frustrating. I than explain he is 4 months old and a preemie. Then it usually leads to ...well, he is actually a triplet. People automatically want to touch him. I have had to actually do Kung Foo Mama, where I have to physically block someone from touching the baby. I am always very nice and say"It is cold and flu season, please don't touch the baby.". Most people are very nice when they find out we have triplets. I get a lot of people saying "God Bless you" or "What a Miracle". Every once and a while I get...."Better you than me" or "Poor You" or "You have your hands full". Well, all this is true it is better me than you and poor me that I only have 4 beautiful boys and not more and yes I do have my hands full and I love every minute of it. God knew what he was doing, just remember that. If we couldn't handle it they would not be here. Some of the comments are rude but I have learned to just roll with the punches. They don't get what a true miracle our babies are...all 4 of them!

The boys are growing so quick. Max is 12lbs 15oz, Alex is 12lbs 14 oz and Emerson is 13lbs 7 oz. I know, I know they are growing at light speed. Well, not so light. My back is killing me! They are starting to scoot around on their backs. You know when you lay them on the floor and they push their legs so they drag their heads. Max is the best at it . He can go a good 4 feet before his head starts to hurt. We gotta watch them because they should be rolling over any second! God help us, they will be crawling and than all heck will break loose.

They have started to eat food which explains the rapid weight gain. Cereal mixed with either a vegetable or fruit...yum! They love their veggies but only if they are orange. Sweet potatoes and carrots seem to be their favorite. They do not like anything green. Green beans and peas seem to be their enemies. They gag and spit them out. There is no accounting for taste I guess. They are not huge fans of fruit. They seem to prefer apples and bananas to peaches and prunes. They must be to acidic. Anyway they seem to love most of t.They are already eating twice a day.

Emerson got put on Reflux medication finally. He was having a terrible time with acid reflux. I felt so bad for him, he would have acidic puke coming out of his nose. But with the medication these spells are few and far in between. I did however have to ween him off the breast. I think my breast milk affected him t much. This has been a very depressing time for both him and I. I am still nursing the other two but I am down to only once a day with each. All though I love the time with my babies and the bonding the nutritional value is diminishing. They are almost 5 months old and they will be getting teeth soon. I need to have them completely weened by then. I don't want to be a teething ring. I plan to be totally done by the time they are six months old which will be February 17th.