Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weeks 19 & 20

Coming Soon Christmas 2007 Pics....
Maxim 12lbs 15oz, Emerson 13lbs 15oz, Alexander 13lbs They're HUGE!!!!!
Austins Christmas Concert...He sang like an Angel
Mommy, Austin and Max....It was the babies first outing

Weeks 19 & 20

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This has been an interesting year already and we are only a little over a week in. The boys are all growing like weeds. My big boy is going to be 5 in just about a month and it got me reflecting on his first 5 years and how fast they went. I can't believe he is going to be 5 already. It seem like yesterday he was saying "mamadada" yes all jumbled like that. And now he says thing like "I can't help asking questions like that, I'm just inquisitive like that." Yes he said "inquisitive". Who says things like that, no 5 year old I ever met. We got his paperwork for Kindergarten and I almost cried. Is he really ready for Kindergarten already? Where did the time go? Was I here? Did I miss it? I feel a little lost when it comes to him. He has truly learned to press my buttons and test my patients. I know it's because he is jealous. I know I was when my sisters where born and I was 12 and 14 years old. It must be devastating for Austin to have 3 babies taking up all Mommy and Daddy's attention. My poor son. We are trying to spend more time with him but sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day. I look up and it's midnight and I still haven't done laundry and there are sweet potatoes on the carpet. My big baby is growing up and I feel like I am missing it.

We had a scary time this week. Alex ended up with an staph infection in his surgical wound. I was unaware that you could get an infection months after surgery. But you can. The Dr. said he would need surgery to explore where the infection came from. Well, we prayed and prayed and much to our surprise he didn't need surgery. The infection is healing and everything seems to be fine. We will still have to keep an eye on him for a while but he looks like he's on the road to recovery!

A little update on the boys progress as preemies. The most amazing things have been happening. They are all holding up their heads very well. Sometimes Alex's center of gravity gets the best of him but in general he is doing fine. Emerson is trying desperately to sit up. He loves to sit between your legs with his legs crossed. They all reach for their toys and are interacting with the toys that make noise. They all seem to have favorite toys. Emerson has a monkey that he has to have. Alex loves his turtle to chew on and recently Max got a giraffe that is also a flashlight. He chews on it and talks to it. Speaking of talking, all the babies coo and say AHHH GOO. Alex and Emerson started the KKKAAAA in the back of their throats(David says this will help them with the German language). Max has his own language he says OOOHHHH several times and just yesterday started saying UT OH! It's very funny to hear someone so little say Ut oh over and over. Max is also the one who is very strong. He already stands straight up. You can hold both hands and he will go from laying down to standing up. The physical therapist says they are all doing well considering they are only 12 weeks corrected, meaning they should technically only be 12 weeks old. Preemies don't usually do things at the same pace as full term babies. But they are catching up quickly.

As of this week we put the babies in their big boy cribs and man o man am I having separation anxiety. I thought I would sleep better without them in the room with me, but I'm not. In fact I wake up at least every hour or so and have to go check on them. I can hear them on the baby monitor and technically they are only about 15 feet away from me but those two doors and and hallway seem like a million miles away.

All the babies are sleeping through the night. I've been told it's because they eat cereal before they go to bed and they stay fuller longer. Very rarely does somebody wake up before 7 am and they all seem to just eat a baba and go back to sleep. So most of the time they wake up between 9am and 11am. The 11am would be Max he is definitely the best sleeper. They still take a couple of cat naps during the day but only in short periods. They will take a 10 minute nap here or an hour there. We had a 3 hour stretch one day and I had to keep checking if they where breathing. It was freaking me out. I got two weeks worth of laundry put away. They all seem to have the same fussy time. Everyday in between 6pm-9pm they moan and groan and whine terribly. ALL THREE OF THEM. This kind of sucks because it's when their dad comes home. I think he's starting to take it personal. During the day they are angels. No problem. They don't usually sleep or eat all at once which is kind of nice but it is more time consuming. I know they are fussy during the evening because I am trying to feed Austin and get him ready for school and David is taking my attention which they hate. They seem to want me all to their selves. They are going to have such bad separation anxiety when I go to Las Vegas in February. That's right people. I am going away....alone (with my two sisters) for 4 days in February for my Daddy's wedding. I have arranged for David to have people here around the clock to help. He will only be alone in small doses. Keep him in your prayers just in case he looses his mind! He'll be fine! I hope!