Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick of being Sick!

Sick of being Sick

I can't say too much about this week except that we where all sick with the flu. The week started with Emerson puking and diarrhea for about 24 hours. It than quickly spread to Alex and Maxim, than David and finally ending up with me and Austin. I am grateful that Griffin only had a few hours of discomfort. He ran a low grade fever and had a little diarrhea but was basically spared all the crazy gut wrenching puking that the rest of us got. It seems to have subsided now and for that I am grateful.

When your children are so sick all you can think of is ways to make them feel better. Some time there is absolutely nothing you can do. What a helpless feeling. I tried my best to comfort them but that didn't always work. All I could do is just let them come to me, and they did. I wrote the following letter to my children this week. I hope they never have that feeling of helplessness that I do when their children are sick...but I know they will.

My Dearest Boys...

Austin, I see you lying so sweetly on the couch next to me, your head warm, your stomach churning and hoping that with the tips of my fingers I can rub your pain away. I know the only thing I can do to make you feel better is to hold you close and kiss your forehead. This is the thing that seems to give you comfort. Emerson, you lay on my lap and look at me with red swollen eyes and I can almost hear you pleading for me to take that awful pain in your stomach away. Believe me when I say that at that exact moment that's what I am praying for. Alex, you laid on my feet and just cried. I put you over my shoulders and rocked you to sleep. I could feel your fever through my shirt. The whole time I was asking God to take it from you and give it to me. Maxim, so strong, trying not to be sick but as I gave you your third bath of the day I can see that it is getting the best of you. For the fourth time in a week I close my eyes and say a soft prayer asking God to make my babies feel better. Griffin, so little but the strongest of the bunch. You fought your way from near death at the beginning of your life. I know this little flu will not keep you down. You angelically coo at me and smile the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. It doesn't matter that I have changed your diaper 8 times in two hours as long as you have your mama, your the happiest baby in the world.

I know I can't always take the pain away. But I will do my best to protect you from all that can harm you. I will always be the one holding you in my arms and praying for the pain to be mine and not yours. I thank God everyday for my 5 beautiful boys. You are the reasons I was put on this earth. I can't imagine my life with out each and every one of you. I love you all so much!!! Oh yeah by the way, God answered my prayers. He allowed Mommy to get everything you all had! The power of prayer!!