Monday, March 16, 2009


Austin and his new bike!
Max was cracking up for no reason it was hysterical!
Emerson feeding Alex breakfast!
Austin read ALL these books by himself!
Griffin smiling at the Mommy!
Put a goatee and glasses on this kid and he's his Daddy!
Ut Oh! What's Emerson doing?????
Three handsome boys broke through the gate and ran upstairs!

Spring Fever
Well, we had an uneventful week. Aside from Austin coming down with a bad rash, which I thought was some sort of awful flesh eating bacteria turned out to be Pityriasis rosea. This is a rash normally found in young adults rather than small kids like Austin. The doctor isn't sure why he got it but assured me it is no contagious, it's easily curable and should actually go away on it's own within a couple of weeks. My poor boy, up until then he is itching like crazy and looks like he has the chicken pocks.
The triplets are doing great. They are conspiring with each other though. I watched the three of them work together to stack their drums up so Emerson could climb up on the shelf in the living room to get the DVD's down. Thank God David secured the shelves to the wall with an anchor or I would have three little pancake boys. They crack me up the way they are in cahoots with one another now. It seems there is always a look out too. It's usually Max. Than there's the tattle tale, Alex. Emerson is always the one doing the bad deed though. I wonder if they set him up or if he is just the one that's gonna be my trouble maker?
Griffin is getting so big. He is now the size of a 4 month old. Don't get me wrong, he's not fat. Just pleasantly plump. I think it has to do with his daily routine. He eats, than sleeps, than eats, than sleeps, than smiles for 20 minutes, coos, laughs, farts, than eats, than sleeps. Repeat! That's about it. What a little angel. He is very rarely fusses. He is just happy to be held every now and then and to be kissed and snuggled. Man, I love this kid!
This weekend was amazing. The weather was superb and we couldn't wait to get out of the house, we had serious Spring Fever! On Saturday David and I ventured out with ALL 5 KIDS, alone!!!! We went to lunch and then Toys R Us. Lunch was surprisingly good. We went to a buffet so that the kids would have a variety of food to keep them occupied and that way the food is instantaneous. They where frustrated at first, probably because we had to switch tables and find high chairs with straps in order to accommodate them. But once Austin and I brought them food they where fine. Emerson ate an enormous amount of food. So did Alex. Max was a little more reserved and was more interested in drinking from a glass with a straw. Of course we where a spectacle. Especially when leaving since we resemble a circus act, throwing on coats and hats and trying to carry three toddlers and a newborn along with a 6 year old who has to carry our enormous diaper bag and all the child accessories. That's OK though it was worth the stares and occasional comment. Because the kids enjoyed it and so did we. We than headed over to Toys R Us, we promised Austin a new "big boy" bike for his birthday and he wanted to pick it out. David and I decided instead of making large Easter baskets for the kids full of candy and other non essentials that we would get them each a toy. Well, Austin got his bike and the triplets each got pool toys, they're first matchboxes and clipo's which are like baby Lego's and a clipo table. They really enjoyed getting out and seeing people and having a change of scenery. Of course Griffin was easy during the whole trip. He was awake most of the time, never cried, never complained. He just smiled and cooed! When we got home, we enjoyed the nice day and played outside while Austin tried out his new bike. The kids must of had a blast because they where exhausted. They fell asleep early and slept soundly through the night.
Sunday was a wonderful day. I made my world famous corned beef and cabbage. I cooked all day and the house smelled amazing. Not bad for a little German girl if I must say so myself! My family came over and we enjoyed an amazing meal, great conversation and family bonding. The kids ran around and ate of every ones plates. I caught everyone feeding them sweets...of course!They danced and played there was no ciaos, no drama just a great time. Just the way it should be!