Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy, Busy

Awww, my babies.
Alex and Griffin hanging out.
Happy Alex
My sweetie Emerson.
Alex and Griffin strollin!
My handsome boy, Austin!
Griffin's first food, he hated it!
Maxim growing up so fast!

Busy, Busy

Did you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Lately that's what I feel like. I had one of those weeks that was so busy. Even when I was sleeping, I was dreaming of all the things I needed to get done. The week started out calm enough. A trip to the vet for the cat(just her normal yearly physical), shopping and some time outside with my boys. We had some underground electrical work completed for the pool and their was a huge trench in the yard. So I went out and filled most of it in while the boys ran and played. I than started to work on pulling the weeds out of my soon-to-be garden. Not fun! I picked up all the plants I ordered from Austins school and we have begun work on clearing our veggie garden. We don't have the plants in the ground yet but plan to do so in the next few weeks. I volunteered to work the plant sale at Austins school as well, that was fun. I was only there a few hours but it felt allot longer. I'm glad I limit my volunteering. Just the smell of cafeteria food makes my stomach turn! School is behind me and for that I am grateful.
Friday I went to Austin's school again this time for a Mother's Day Tea celebration. It was lovely. Austin gave me a "makeover", he brushed my hair, applied makeup and painted my nails. This was encouragement from his teacher to be attentive to moms on their special day. He was not thrilled about it but he obliged. He gave me a beautiful planter he painted his self complete with a pink impatient. He also drew a lovely picture of me(it was cute, had big blue eyes with long crazy eyelashes and no hair on the head) it looked just like me!On Saturday we where supposed to go to Fantasy Island with the kids. However the weather took a strange turn and we decided to skip it. It was a good thing we did because the wind would have made t impossible. In the afternoon, we headed to a birthday party for our friends son. Within 10 minutes both Max and Emerson made it clear they wanted no part of the bounce house scene. David took them out for a walk while I stayed with the other 3. Austin loves to bounce and was gone every time I turned around. Running like a mad man! I had Griffin in the Baby Bjorn(front pouch)he loved to people watch. He seemed almost unfazed about the ciaos around him. Alex just loved the baby bouncing section and the miniature golf course. They had all been there not too long before since Austins Birthday was there in February. After the party we joined David and the boys in the van where they'd been sitting for a little while watching a movie. Thank God we installed that DVD system! Best thing we ever did. I was glad to get home and bathe the boys. I needed down time.

Sunday was Mother's Day. David made reservations for a buffet but at the last moment we decided not to go because the kids where fussy and 6 kids(mine +my brother)along with us and my mom would just be overwhelming and enjoyable. So I decided to make a surf and turf feast for me and my mom at our house. The food turned out great. Everyone enjoyed the extra thick steaks on the grill, crab legs, shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, tons of appetizers and a super sonic antipasto. I didn't eat much for fear of screwing up my diet(down almost 10 lbs in less than a month!). I'm sure Mother's Day will be more enjoyable for me when my boys are older and can take care of themselves. But until than it's just another work day for this Mommy! I do want to say Happy Mother's Day to all those Mother's and Mother type people.

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