Monday, May 4, 2009


Austin, nice new grown up
Who us?


First of all I would like to say that my children had a wonderful week. Aside from a small cold everyone is doing fine. Griffin is a little chatterbox. He is cooing up a storm. He is trying desperately to sit up and rolled over for the first time over the weekend. We borrowed a crib from our niece Renee(Thanks) and he is transitioning nicely. I almost think he likes being in a big boy bed. Austin is doing phenomenal. I had a meeting with his teacher this week and she told me his vocabulary is through the roof and he is a wonderful reader. She said he definitely has an active imagination and has really come out of his shell. (I was unaware he had a shell since he is the most outgoing kid I've ever met.) The triplets where a little fussy this week. It's hard to have a Spring cold. I took Max to the doctors thinking he may have an ear infection but he was clear. I think they may have seasonal allergies like me. They have been enjoying the outside. We took several walks in the new stroller this week and even went to the park behind Austin's school. They loved running in the open areas and Emerson cracked me up with his fascination with the slides. Alex is Superman. He is talking so much. We actually have conversations now. His vocabulary is going to be like Austins. He is way advanced in the speaking areas, God help me. The other two say what they need to get by. I think Alex and Austin do all the talking for them. What a joy my boys are!

Now for one of my motherly rants. I have heard some disturbing statements lately. Not necessarily about my children but about life in general. One thing that disturbs me most is the FEAR I hear in peoples voices and see in their faces. I hear about religious propaganda that claims the worlds recent events are a foretelling of the end of the world. Wow, even if the end of the world was coming shouldn't us Christians be the ones that are fearing the least. Our souls are saved, we know where we're going, so why fear? That's how I feel. I have no irrational fears about events happening or outbreaks. Another disturbing issue is the Swine Flu epidemic or pandemic now. It is a flu, people! The only difference between this flu and the others we all seemed to get this winter are that they haven't come up with a vaccination to prevent it. However it is completely curable. Unless your a newborn, 90 or immuno-suppressed you will be fine. Stop freaking out and wearing masks in public...they do nothing! Wash your hands and steer clear of people who look and sound sick. Antibiotics are treating and curing it. I too am watching the news and hear all the rumors and inaccurate information that's put out to scare people into buying products they don't need. As a mother I always have an over abundance of food in my home. But would I stock pile? No. I have what I have and refuse to waste what I won't use. It's always a good idea to have some emergency essentials but why go overboard? I look at my kids and I have everyday fears. Fears they will get hurt if they fall, fears they will get sick, fears they will not feel loved enough or fears I will somehow out live them. These are normal parental fears. I will not stay in my house for fear of flu. I will not sand bag my house for fear of flood, I will not stockpile food for fear of famine. Instead, I will live my life with love in my heart and not fear in my soul! I know where I'm going so I don't fear!

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