Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Long time no BLOG!

****This was a blog I wrote in August but did not post****

Long time no BLOG!

Well, it's been over two months since I blogged. Ususally I keep a note sheet open and I write my blogs there and then transfer them here. In this case...I did just that. However, I decided to abandon those writings and start from scratch.

If I could sum the last two months up in one word it would be INSANE!!!! You see, I went back to, GULP...WORK!!!! That's right, WORK. A four letter word that I thought I would not say until my children were grown. To say this idea was forced on me would be a lie. The thought of going to a place where I could talk to grown up people about grown up ideas was the just what I needed.

5 kids all with busy days of school, extra curicular events, therapies and sports would make any normal person think that "WORK" wouldn't make sense. Not to me. I embraced the challenge. Little did I know within my first two weeks I would develop "Mothers guilt" and reconsider the whole thing. After that faded, I embraced my new position and realized I had a whole new set of children and temper tantrums to deal with...DOCTORS! My new position is selling EHR(Electronic Health records). I sell software that will literaly revolutionize the way healthcare is done. I belive in the product and myself as a salesperson but dealing with tight walleted physicians and non compliant office staff has proven to be a challenge. I made a commitment and I will show my children that with persevierence and dedication succcess can be achieved. Even if I have ulcers!

Everyone has adapted really well to be out of the house 3/4 times a a week. I think they even enjoy it. The best part of my day is being met at the door with smiling faces, homework questions, art projects and BIG HUGS! I don't know how long it will last or what the next few months will bring but we are all up to the challenge!