Tuesday, December 25, 2012


****This post was one I wrote and never posted****
August 2012

I read a post on Facebook today about a friend of a friend that lost their 2 year old daughter today to brain cancer. As I sat on my couch reading the story, I couldn't hold back tears. It was almost as if I was transported to a place where
I could see the parents mourning for their little girl. That's what happens when your a parent, you mourn for ALL children.

Social media has mde it possible for me to hear a story like the one today. It also brought me to the story of a set of triplet sisters and injury of her two sisters in a bus crash. Years ago I would have only been able to pass this article by with no reaction. Today i am rduced to a blubbering idiot! I guess this is what happens when you become a parent. So today I sit here as a mess of tears and snot living others saddness and looking lovingly at my babies. I thank God everyday for their beautiful faces!